Sleep Tight

After 3 kids, I can confidently say that I’m pretty against sleep training. At least the kind of sleep training that leaves little ones crying, trapped, and wondering where their mama and dad went. 

It’s exhausting coaching your kids into good sleep habits, but now, with a 4 and 6 year old who easily go to sleep and almost always stay in their respective beds all night long, I can say that the investment during the early years was worth it. 

Things have been a little different for each of my babies. Jemma slept with us or on a mattress next to my side of the bed until we moved into our current house and I introduced her to her own space. She was a little over 2 when we moved here and has loved bedtime and her own bed ever since. Max slept with Dominic and I until midway through my pregnancy with Reid. He nursed until the week of his 3rd birthday and it was always important to him to be physically close to one of us at night. He embraced his own bed and solo nights when Dominic built him his bunk beds. I think he saw it as an exciting promotion :) Of all my kids, Reid has been my easiest sleeper. He actually sleeps in his crib for a good portion of the night and at some point migrates into bed to nurse.

The common thing though, is that they have all liked to feel tight and close. Womb-like, I suppose. I guess if I really think about it, that’s what I like too. 

When Reid and I had the chance to try out a DockATot we jumped at the chance. DockATot is a multi-use pod that is perfect for snoozing and lounging around the house. It absolutely falls in line with the safe, cozy sleep environment I’ve tried to create for my kids over the years.

The DockATot comes in two sizes – deluxe, for 0-8 months, and grand, for 9-36 months. It’s made in Sweden and as with all Swedish designs I’ve encountered, they’ve thought of everything – breathable material, exchangeable covers, a carry handle, and great care and detail to design specifications. And, of course, everything has been tested for safety and is held to the highest standards in both Europe and the US. The whole dock can be washed and it eliminates the need for many other pieces of baby equipment.  The DockATot can be used for tummy time, a portable sleep space, a bed rail in a toddler bed, snuggling, playing, cosleeping, and diaper changes. 

We sleep with black out curtains to emulate nighttime during naps and bed so I don’t have any sleep photos of Reid in his DockATot, but he sure was happy to show off right before we snuggled in for a DockATot induced nap! 








And, Max approves too! He was quick to tell me that Reid could sleep in his crib and that the DockATot could come snuggle in his big boy bed :)


Browse the DockATot selection here and be sure to follow them on Instagram. I love seeing all the ways parents and kids are using their DockATots!

Reid received his DockATot Grand c/o the lovely team a DockATot, all opinions are my own and interpretations of what I think Reid would want me to share :)

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  1. janie vezina says

    these look awesome, wanting to get one for next time.

    • Gretchen says

      Yes! I wish I would have had the smaller size when he was tiny!