Happy Birthday, Max!


It’s the wee hours of August 9th right now. Four years ago I was awake too, sewing. I was a day away from my due date (August 10th) and couldn’t wait to meet my baby, but didn’t think it would be soon.

I was wrong. Max arrived in a whirlwind at 4:41am. You can read his story here.

Now, Max is my perfectly wild, vibrant, full of life boy. He is opinionated. He loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Donuts are his favorite food. As of a month ago he sleeps in his own bed at night. It took bribing his with a new Michelangelo toy to make that happen! He is obsessed with the trampoline park and loves collecting blind bags with his sister. Everyday before I tuck him in for nap he tells me that I’m that best mom in the whole wide world. 

Max loves big and bold. He’ll wrestle you to the ground with his love and kiss the wounds that he gives you. He is strong and brave. So brave that he got a haircut without tears yesterday. And that is big time stuff around here. 

At 4 years old, Max wears 4t-5t clothes and size 11 shoes. He is roughly 40 pounds and 40 inches. He can count to 20 and know alls his letters. I keep telling him that it’s time to practice writing his name but he could care less about doing that; he prefers to draw dinosaurs with big teeth. Max is wonderful at telling stories. They always begin with, “Once upon a time, long long ago …” and they usually include eagles and dragons – his 2 favorite animals. 

Bottom line – Max is rad. The very best. I love him to bits and can’t wait to celebrate his birthday today. 

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  1. Chelsie says

    I loved reading this about Max!!!! Can’t wait to see our boys friendship grow! And YAY for sleeping in his own bed…I’m hoping I can say the same thing for Carter when he turns 4!

  2. Tatia B says

    Happy 4th birthday, Max!

  3. Molly says

    So sweet! Happy belated birthday, Max!

  4. daykam_aram says

    awwww, adorable! I am torn between being excited for the age where my baby will be able to hug and tell me he loves me and the adorable little cuddles that i get while he is still a baby. He sure sounds fantastic and really happy boy!