Full, Not Busy


It’s the first hours of August 1st, a new month, a busy month around here. I technically haven’t closed out July because I haven’t gone to bed yet, but nonetheless, a new month is here. Hello August!

There was a time in my life when I dreaded Sunday nights. The beginning of a week, felt so overwhelming. Five, long, monotonous days to get through. But now, Sunday nights are my launch.

On Sunday nights I outline our coming week. I freshen up my to do list and prep for what is to come. Sunday nights are for getting my ducks in a row and today is special because Sunday night also lands on the last day of the month. Tomorrow begins a new for a week AND for a month.

I turned the calendar to August, knowing full well what lay ahead. August is busy. Like, the every day has writing on it kind of busy. Max is in daily swim lessons for a bit, we have family is in town, the fair is starting soon, we have tickets to the Mariners, Max’s birthday is the 9th (hooray!), my sister’s graduation means I’m hopping a plane soon, a dear friend is getting married, then my sister is visiting before her new job starts, we celebrate our anniversary, we are involved in the launch of a new church campus, and Reid’s surgery consult is this month too. This is just the stuff that came to mind. There is more.

Often I feel guilty about how busy we are. The lazy days of summer don’t exist here. My kids don’t get bored. Magically, I’ve managed to keep my to do list to just one page on a weekly basis but I think that’s more because I forget the things that would find there way on to page 2 if I happened to be more organized.

I’ve tried to teach myself to say no, to prioritize better. And still, we’re busy. We’re running. Literally, I’m back to running and it’s painful! And adding to our calendar because fitting in exercise takes mega planning with kids in tow!

But, we’re having fun. We’re making memories. We’re getting lots done and we’re still finding time to rest here and there. It just takes planning. I mean, if you look closely Tuesday from 4-5:15pm looks open … I think we’ll take a break then :)

I’ve come to realize that our busyness is strategic though. We HAVE learned to say no and we ARE prioritizing. Frivolous things have fallen by the wayside and only the important, worthwhile things have made it through. We’re not perfect, but we’re finding some version of balance and routine. 

And that’s why I’ve stopped lamenting about being busy. Busy sounds frantic. Busy sounds silly. We’re not busy. Busy just isn’t the right word for life right now. We’re full. But more than that, we’re fulfilled. 

Satisfied, happy, and full. Our calendar looks full, but so do our hearts. 

This is a good season, a full, rewarding season. We’ve said yes to much and now we get to do it all. Together. I wouldn’t want it any other way.

If you’re like me and have fallen into the negative verbiage of busyness, feel free to bury that word today. Instead, embrace a fresh lens on your circumstances – your calendar is vibrant, your family is active, your soul is nourished, your heart is brimming, and your life, my friend, is full. 

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  1. says

    I love this so much! This is what our August is looking like too but I love your perspective. We’ve cut out the things that are too much and, it’s true, we’re full, not busy!

  2. says

    Yikes, hit me right where it hurts lol. I have ALWAYS had a habit of saying I’m busy! I was busy with homework, busy with work, busy with one baby, busy with two babies, now I’m busier than I’ve ever been but I guarantee you I’ll someday be busier lol. So I’ll start working on that right now, TODAY. I’m not busy, my life is just very full. =]

  3. janie vezina says

    awesome perspective, enjoy each moment of the day.

  4. Molly says

    I needed this post today. I love this so much. I am going to start using full instead of busy. I like it!