Have You Tried Doctor On Demand?

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I love my kid’s pediatrician, really I do. In fact, she was my doctor growing up! When we moved back to my hometown I immediately called and begged her to take my littles on as new patients even though she hadn’t been taking new families for years. Buuuuuut, yes, yes, there is always a but it seems, her office has some big downfalls. Namely, long wait times and tons of germs. On our last visit we didn’t see the doctor until an hour past our appointment time and we always seem to be exposed to a cold (or worse) after our visits.

I love having our pediatrician available when we need to see her in person, but if I can avoid her office, I do. That’s why I’m in love with the idea of Doctor On Demand. Through an app I can connect with a doctor for less than $40 with a wait time averaging just 3 minutes! Doctor On Demand offers virtual visits with board-certified doctors and psychiatrists as well as doctorate level psychologists. Whether you or someone in your family is struggling with a skin condition, allergies, a cold, or you simply need a prescription refill, Doctor On Demand is only a click away!

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Struggling with the same issues as me when it comes to traditional office visits? Give Doctor On Demand a try! Get $10 off your first visit with code: MAMAGRETCHEN10

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