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DSC_0109 DSC_0113 amud bags 1DSC_0137 a DSC_0143 aTop, THML from Stitch Fix /// Skinnies, Vigoss from Nordstrom via Ebates /// Shoes, Tieks /// Bag, Exploradora from Mus Bags /// Hoops, Fossil /// Watch, Michael Kors from Nordstrom 

Heavens to Betsy! This trip turned out to be much warmer than I expected. No jackets or layers needed – it’s summer in Texas, ya’ll!

This post debuts the second peek at my latest bag obsessionFirst hereI’ll be unpacking it for you soon because it has literally been the most amazing carry on, diaper bag, vacation purse EVA. Truly. In the meantime, when you fall in love with one use code GRETCHEN10 for 10% off!

I wore this get up to the Museum at Texas Tech where Jem and I had a mini date/homeschool lesson on Tuesday. Her insightful questions and engagement at a pretty adult museum made me smile … a big ol’ Texas size smile. My girl just loves learning and it’s so awesome to see her soak up new things. She is wrapping her mind around fossils, skeletons, and artifacts; wants to travel to Argentina; and is very amused by things that were once alive and are now “deaded”.  Who knows, maybe she’ll be a little curator someday :)

Back to the heat. I packed totally wrong for the kids. Too many long sleeve shirts and no shorts for Jemma so I popped into Old Navy and grabbed her this little dress to cool off her vacation wardrobe. We’re off to the Austin area next and it’s supposed to be even warmer there so I’m sure she’ll get lots of wear out of it. Well, at least until we get back to the Northwest’s frigid temps. 

So far in Texas, I’m eating WAY too much – fried cheese, pulled pork, steak, creamed corn, Tex Mex, and Bluebell ice cream – all while keeping my running schedule … apparently to balance things out. We’ve loved our time with Dominic’s brother and his family; Jem especially because cousins are rad. I’m going to share more about them later as they’re expecting a miracle baby and it’s a wonderful, amazing and fabulous story that will melt your heart! 

Cross your fingers and pray now – I’m driving 6 hours with the kids today. Our longest road trip to date … eek!

I received a discount on my Exploradora bag from Mus Bags in exchange for sharing my love for this amazing shop.

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