Word of the Year: Lean In

Ah. The new year. I love it. This time of year is just the best!

One of my favorite traditions each January is to choose a word of the year. For 2019 I actually chose two. But they go together, so, in my mind, it’s one thought. One theme for the coming months.

lean in

Dominic and I recently had a Marco Polo exchange about all the transitions we’ve been through in the last two years. A move, a baby, another move, work changes. Its been a lot to process through; to progress through. Many days, it feels like walking through mud. Taxing, but necessary. Sometimes fun … if you’re wearing the right shoes.

These last years and the coming ones we suspect are a “dig deep” season. At least that is what we’ve dubbed it. 

We’re raising our children. We’re making our home. We’re striving in our work.

It is very good and it is very hard.

There are few immediate victories. There are late nights and early mornings. There are a million moments to pause and be grateful for where we have been, where we are now, and where we are hoping to go. 

It’s in that space, this present, that I’m choosing to lean in. 

With homeschooling. With my freelance work. With our home. With our marriage. With Dominic’s career. With everything. This year I want to lean in and invest and enjoy. Lean in to what I have. Where I am. Who I’m with. And, not to expect things to be a certain way in a certain timeframe. Which, is quite counterintuitive to my type A/enneagram 1 nature. For me, “lean in” is fitting for 2019. I’m hopeful it will remind me well and cause me to make the most of these days.

Looking for inspiration for your own word of the year? Heres a peek at my previous ones!


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