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IMG_8123We’re all on the young adult fiction train, correct? It’s one train I don’t plan to ever get off of anytime soon. I’m pretty sure I’ll be 80 years old and traipsing my way into the bookstore to find the latest and greatest teen novels :)

It started with Twilight, then Hunger Games and Divergent too. Loved them all, but a bit dark and definitely ones I’ll introduce to Jemma when she’s in the latter part of her teens. But my new favorite? The Selection! It’s an exciting, romantic read with little worrisome content … one I’ll introduce to Jemma earlier on. In fact, as I read through the series she would get the biggest grin whenever she saw me holding the book because “Oh my goodness, Mama … just look at her dress? Isn’t it just BEAUTIFUL?!?”

And yes, yes it is … IMG_8122

But even more beautiful than the dress on the cover or the others described within the pages of The Selection, is the main character, America, and her heart. She’s not a flimsy girl one bit. She’s hearty and full of dreams and she is tossed into a wild adventure that she could have never imagined. You see, in America’s world the prince is in need of a wife and a selection process begins amongst the various casts. This alone makes for an interesting read. I adore how authors can dream up entire worlds that function in new ways. Keira Cass, author of The Selection, is no exception. Girl has a fabulous imagination and I’m smitten with the world she created.

Pause. I know, I know. You’re thinking The Selection is a storybook version of The Bachelor! But I promise, it’s not. It’s ten times more realistic and, well, appropriate. You’re going to love it! Even better, I read once in some anecdotal writing (because when you’re a fan girl of an author you do that), that Keira Cass was actually inspired by Esther’s story from the Bible and Cinderella. 

So, if you’ve read The Selection, I’d love to know what you thought of America and her relationship with Maxon. And if you haven’t … well, stop back by this post in a few days when you’re done with The Selection and tell me :) It will really suck you in that fast and you’ll be reaching for book #2. 

That’s right! The Selection is #1 in a series and the 4th book comes out May 5th — EEK! Fly through The Selection, The Elite and The One so you’re ready to read The Heir along with me next month! 

the selection series

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  1. Jessica Byers says

    I’m so glad you shared this! I’ve read the first two but had forgotten the name of the series and hadn’t been able to find it again. Thanks!

    • Gretchen says

      Yay! Now you can read the 3rd before the new one comes out! The 3rd was definitely my favorite :)

  2. says

    *tick* added to my checklist for “must read”. :)