February Duo

FEBRUARY DUOI know it’s March. These were just our photos from February so it still got tagged as the February Duo :)

It has been a long, dumb week with relentless coughing and other atrocities. But sometimes seeing your kids at their lowest, while being at a pretty darn low yourself, really puts a glimmer of hope in what is to come. So, knowing full well that next week we’ll be back at it, I have high hopes for returning to my list o’ projects and once again enjoying life.

To wrangle me out of my sick coma here is what all I’m looking forward to next week …

  • We joined the YMCA! Yay for decently priced gym childcare … wish Max luck during this transition. At least he’ll get to be with Jemma which gives me hope.
  • Park days! We’ve been on a role visiting new ones and spending time at old faves – everyone is happier when we spend a little time at the park.
  • No TV. Ohmygoodness I can’t take one more cartoon.
  • Consignment sale – Just Between Friends is next week!
  • Room shifting. Maybe not looking forward to this actual event, but the results should be good.

Pre-cough attack Jemma and I got her cute little self registered for Pre-K in the fall. It’s pretty close to our house, close enough that we can walk, and she is thrilled! Every time we pass by she yells “Mom, Mom! That’s my school for when I’m 5! I can’t wait!” It’s just 3 mornings a week so I think it will be the perfect outlet for her while giving Max and I a little one on one time. He could never get enough of that so I think everyone will be extra happy.

And that is all I have for today. Probably until next week. I’m going to nap.

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