Lavender Cosmos and Chit Chat



Tonight I met with two amazing women (you can check them out here). They’re those kind of mamas that made my heart swell and remind me that I’m not alone. I repeat, I’m not alone. And although I always know that. Sometimes I drift, and get lost, and feel very, very alone in this thing called parenting. Theses women get those feelings of distress, of wonder, of impatience. They are in the river of parenting and are willing to share what makes them thrive and what failures they’ve encountered. Sometimes catching that rock mid-stream and settling in for a breather is all any of us need. To take a deep breath while we gather our oars, adjust our life vest and begin paddling once more.

I left our sit on the floor and sip cocktails meet up with a smile lasting miles. To know you’re not alone means the world.

We talked about our marriages. And how it sucks for things to be different than those beginning lovey dovey days we all once knew. Which leads me to think I should really blog Dominic and I’s story! We also talked about our intentionality to return to us – to that couple who, is still in love deep down, but different than we were before; most likely better if we peel back the layers and give our relationship the energy it deserves. 

We talked about boys and girls and the joys and wild moments of raising both. We swapped birth stories – opposite, amazing and miraculous stories of how we played a role in bringing life into the world. 

And we sipped and laughed and drove home to kiss our sleeping children and slip into bed next to our spouses. For two hours we relished in us – who we are as women, wives, and mothers. We found commonality in our lives that are both very much the same and very different. It was beautiful, and it was refreshing. It was just what I needed – cocktails and chit chat tend to fill me up like that :)

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