Style File — A Tale of Shooties

With a picturesque snowscape it only seemed natural that we would attempt a family photo on our Leavenworth trip. I mean, all sane mothers attempt such a feat around the holidays, right?

This particular photo attempt was a bit more exciting than normal thanks to our new footwear from Rack Room Shoes. Jemma adored her fancy sparkles while Dominic and Max tromped  around in their heartier shoes (these and these). I, of course, opted for a less practical, more stylish Christmas shoe with these darling booties; exactly what I imagined when I was on the look out for winter shooties. Isn’t shooties the most funny, but perfect name for a shoe style?

Needless to say, if you’re on the look out for shoes to help you and your family step into the New Year, look no further than Rack Room Shoes – great deals and free shipping on all orders over $50! 

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Daddy Style – jeans, Costco Levi’s / jacket, thrifted Carhartt / Men’s Casual Shoes, Timberland Madison Summit (they’ve got this awesome neoprene stretch type fabric on the heel for easy on and off, Dom says they’re super comfortable and plans to wear them at the lumber yard daily!)

Mama Style –  dress, H&M / scarf, Target / knit tights, Hue from Nordstrom / beret, Forever 21 / Women’s Booties, Xappeal Kori

Jemma Style – leggings, Hanna Andersson / sweatshirt, Target / Girl’s Styles shoes, Cupcake Couture Lil Paulette

Max Style – jean, Gap (sweatpant band waist, the best for husky boys!) / tee, thrifted Crew Cuts / vest, thrifted Gymboree / Toddler Boys, Van’s Atwood V

Leavenworth was divine … covered all the details in this post :) We couldn’t have asked for a better weekend getaway! I hadn’t visited this sweet little German-esque town since I was maybe seven or eight so it was high time we made the drive and experienced Washington’s Bavaria. It was well worth our time and according to this post we didn’t even lounge in our pajamas all weekend!

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