Mini Style File — Minnetonka Kids

I wish you could have all heard the gasp of excitement when Jemma opened her package from Minnetonka. Girl couldn’t have been more excited to see purple boots. 

“Mom! They’re purple! My most favorite color in the whole WILD world! How did they know?!?” I’ll always love that she says “whole wild world” … I can’t bear to correct her!

I didn’t crush her dreams, that no, Minnetonka didn’t actually know her favorite color, it was just her mama’s all knowing ways. But, in Minnetonka’s defense, they do deserve a lot of credit. Minnetonka shoes are truly fabulous and have been for a long, long time in my book. I mean, they are part of the four-fecta after all.

With lovely styles for the whole family, Minnetonka can dress up, dress down, and most of all, dress for play. I’ve had my pair of Kilty Mocs since college and the suede and supportive soles hold up well. Long lasting quality and timeless styles make this mama happy because it means one day, maybe another little babe of mine will receive a hip hand me down from their big sister or brother. Until then, we’ll be playin’ hard and running around the whole wide world in a splash of purple and a handsome pair of little man classics.IMG_1163IMG_1154jemma moccsIMG_1165IMG_1166IMG_1153IMG_1152IMG_1172Outfit Details – thrifted except for Jem’s skirt (such a fab deal on the first outfit!) /// Shoe Specs   – Minnetonka 3-Layer Fridge Boot and Boy’s Moc

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A big thank you to Minnetonka for sending Jemma and Max fabulous fall shoes. No other compensation was received, all opinions are my own. Best of all, stay tuned for a Minnetonka giveaway :)

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  1. Emily says

    LOVE both. So cute. I love Max crying too. That’s so happening in our house 100x a day :)