Mini Style File — She’s My Kid, She’s My Kind

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 Panda Raglan – Kid + Kind /// Skirt – Target ///  Fleece Leggings – Target /// Boots – Nordstrom

This girl. I really really like her!

All moms love their kids, we usually like them too. Eh, sometimes they’re difficult and have rough phases, then the love is there but the like is on pause for a half hour or until nap time or sometimes, even for a whole day. For example, take a two year olds who gets shriek-y and then charge you with attempts to bite because you won’t turn on episode #2,420 of Daniel Tiger. #ohmax #bestillmyheart #turn3soon

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – four year olds are totally my jam. They’re almost 100% in the like stage :) Four year olds talk and reason, come up with funny jokes and are generally just awesome little people. For a few weeks Jemma and I have been planning her panda outfit. She thinks pandas are “the cutest, coziest” animals. And I agree, for years, pandas were my favorite animal and I may have boasted a thorough collection of all panda items I could find. Lately, we’ve had conversations about what a marsupial is, where they live and what they eat. Jem can’t believe all they eat is salad :) Anyways, the hang up in snapping her photos wasn’t her skirt or boots or fleece lined tights … it was her hair. Girlfriend is particular! She didn’t think it was appropriate to take blog photos of her panda shirt from Kid + Kind without a panda headband.

WHAT?!? Where did that even come from? I don’t think we’ve ever seen a panda headband and although she likes headbands, it’s not a guarantee with every outfit. I suppose that’s a dose of four year old creativity! So, keep your eye out for a fun panda headband for Miss Jemma!

Back to Max for a moment, if that dude keeps up his terrible twoness, I guess I’ll just need to get him this tee or this one to help him appropriately portray his feelings :) As Jemma says, “Teeth are not for biting, Max! Teeth are for chewing your food ONLY!” Until the twos pass, I’ll keep lovin’ that crazy little mister and Jem will continue to grow into the sweetest little mini me – she’s my kid, but she’s my kind too. And I really love it that way.

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  1. says

    Lol, I <3 Max so much! We had a problem with biting for a while then I discovered this line of books… we have most of them now I like them so much! . {}

    My mother-in-law promises me that 4 is going to be fantastic. Sylvi has turned into her own brand of a wild rumpus and Mama is worn. out.

  2. says

    OMG, she is such a Mini G! She even has learned to pose like her mama :)