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Did you know September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month?

After Max’s hemihypertrophy scare which resulted in an ultrasound screening for an abdominal tumor last year I’ve become much more aware of childhood cancers and the fight against them. Through my involvement I have met two amazing moms, Gretchen and Emily.

This year, they both participated in a heartfelt question and answer with me and we shared it over on Baby Gizmo. I hope you’ll take a peek, offer these mamas a boost of support and see how you and your family can get involved. As Emily said,Let me clear, cancer families need desperately for regular families to help us carry on the fight for funding.”

These mamas are busy. They’re advocating for their sick children 24/7 while maintaining jobs, caring for other family members and well, just being mamas. We ALL know how busy that is in and of itself! Add on top a child fighting for their life and all the emotions tied to the ugly C word and you can imagine that funding isn’t a priority in their day to day. 

But they know it’s important. Funding is crucial to their child’s recovery. And with 40+ children being diagnosed EVERY DAY with cancer, research is critical for children who will encounter cancer tomorrow and the next day and the next. AND FUNDING IS LACKING! When you make a donation to the American Cancer Society or the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 2% or less of your donation benefits kids directly. That awful disproportion is why there has only been one new drug approved by the FDA for childhood cancer in the last 20 years. ONE DRUG IN TWENTY YEARS! What century are we living in? Emily cited in her Q&A, “In 2012 alone, over 20 new cancer drugs were approved for adults. We are falling behind and failing our kids and the single biggest barrier to new advancements in treatment is funding.” 

So, what can you do? Read these family’s stories, say a prayer for them today and every moment they cross your mind and find a way to get involved. Their Q&As share quite a few ideas.

Read Gretchen Q&A here.

Read Emily’s Q&A here.

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    Gretchen and Emily, You are both amazing. My heart breaks every time I think of kids with serious illnesses, that's why I regularly donate to Children's medical research fund that is here in Australia.