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call the midwife quoteLearning /// about grief and boundaries and things that just don’t seem fair in this world. A few weeks ago Call the Midwife had a quote that I latched on to. I’m going to remember it forever – it was just that good. That real.

God isn’t in the event; God is in the results after the event. He is in the love, concern and caring.

Wanting /// this beauty. And this.

Enjoying /// the last bits of rain before summer fully arrives. It poured during nap time today and I snuggled Max as he slept, dozed off myself and then woke and just listened to the rain. It’s been my favorite sound, rain on the rooftops, ever since I can remember.

Missing /// being pregnant. It’s the first thing that came to mind, and I really just do miss it. Darn Timehop always showing me pictures of my bumps from the past!


Playing /// Prison Break on Apple TV. I’m on season 4 and just love it. Well, all except for the bad girl’s name being Gretchen :/ Also, Apple TV’s are genius.

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  1. lacystroess says

    Thanks so much for mentioning Margot's birth story, sweet friend. Also, your new look here is beautimus! Have a fabulous weekend! :)