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Now, on to this pumpkin …

Gerber 1

I mean, can you say “Gerber Baby“?

Eli is such a little roly poly and as soon as we introduced food, he was allllll about it. Surprise surprise. He still nurses during the day and once or twice each night, but meal times are definitely the highlight of his day. You can tell he feels so big and important sitting in his high chair. And the food, well, he has loved everything he’s had the opportunity to try!

Truthfully though, I’m not a fan of introducing solids. The mess is just unreal! I feel like we’re constantly rinsing off in the sink or bath tub. And I need to take out stock in baby wipes. But, his happiness (and full belly!) are worth it. So, eat on little man!

Over the years I have learned a few tricks to tame the mess. I mean, there is still definitely a mess after every meal. But, it’s more manageable. Ready for it?

Choose the Right Spoon

Some baby spoons are just too big for their little mouths! Find the smallest ones possible and stick with those until the toddler years. We’re fans of the Re-Play Infant Spoons.

Get Naked

If I have to pick between bathing a cute little baby and scrubbing stains out of clothes I 100% pick the bath. So, more often than not, Eli eats topless. 

Eat Purposefully

Make every bite count! It takes a lot of work – prep, the actual eating, and then the clean up – to teach a little one to eat so when I offer food to Eli I want it to be purposeful. 

Babies are born with natural stores of iron, but by 6 months (sometimes earlier) those stores are depleted. That means iron-rich foods are super important for little ones. Meats and iron-fortified cereals like Gerber do the trick. Last week Eli nibbled on tri-tip and this week he’s gobbling up spoonfuls of Gerber DHA & Probiotic Rice single grain cereal. Basically, we’ve got iron covered!

On top of fulfilling 100% of a baby’s iron needs, I love that Gerber offers the DHA & Probiotic variety since DHA supports brain and eye development and probiotics encourage a healthy gut. Gerber Infant Cereal has other essential nutrients such as Zinc, Calcium, Vitamin C, E and six B Vitamins too. 

Gerber 2

Gerber 3

Gerber 4

Gerber 5

If you have a little one learning to enjoy food, I’m curious, how do you tame the mess with your cute Gerber baby? 

Also, isn’t grocery shopping with kiddos such an adventure?

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