A Dora Fiesta

The threenager has landed!
On October 2nd, Miss Jemma turned three years old and this first month has been awesome. Truly, she is full of a fresh zest and although we “fight” over who is the boss on occasion, we’re having a ball exploring and learning about everything under the sun. I mean, just today as we were driving she declared “the sky is like a rainbow with blue, orange, pink and white and grey” which led into a lovely conversation about what a sunrise is. Yep, that’s three. I better brush up my explaining skills because the questions are rollin’!
But, before we get too far into three, I wanted to jump backwards and recap the big day. Jemma’s actual birthday …
 It started with a fun surprise from our international student. She gave Jemma a stuffed Cookie Monster and a box of Korean Oreo cereal which has officially been dubbed “Cookie Monster” cereal. I wish it would have been a mini size, because lordy we’ve had words over the consumption of this giant box o’ sugar. Then, a few sips of mama’s decaf :) Jemma loves herself some coffee!
It was a pretty blustery day so we bought pumpkins and painted indoors after nap, followed by some much sought after “compooter” time to watch her favorite YouTube movies (Peppa Pig and Egg Surprise).
By dinnertime, family arrived and we celebrated Dora style! Jemma had planned for quite some time to have a Dora Fiesta for her birthday so of course, we made all her dreams come true with Dora everything!
As her “big” gift from MamaDad (yes, Jemma has a name for the conglomerate of Dominic and I together) we gave her an adorable wood dollhouse I found awhile back on Craigslist. It came with all the little furniture for each room and Jemma and I visited Toys R Us to pick out a family to live in the house. She opted for a Calico Critters elephant family. Darling, I know. Her aunts, grandparents and closest friends blessed her to pieces with many other favorites and Jemma relished in the fun of unwrapping each gift.
For our fiesta, we shared crockpot enchiladas (featured here!), chips and dip and masa tortillas with cinnamon and sugar. But, of course, Jemma’s favorite was part of our meal was her chocolate doughnut tower cake adorned with little Dora picks. I mean, could a cake be more simple or delicious? Thank you, Costco!
Happy birthday, sweet Jemma! Your birthday was so special for us all this year! I know we can’t wait to celebrate again!

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  1. says

    What a happy birthday! Seriously, I thought two was hard until three happened. But three has also been such an amazing year in so many ways! The intellectual leaps- I'm telling you. Seth amazes me daily. Threenagers are fun!

  2. says

    oh she is so precious! looks like a great little fiesta!

  3. says

    Such a cute birthday celebration! I need to try those crock pot enchiladas :)

  4. says

    oh my gosh! i had completely forgotten about oreo o's cereal. i used to eat that ALL THE TIME!

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    Thanks for all your efforts that you have put in this. extremely fascinating