So This Is Christmas {in photos}

Christmas with little ones is something extraordinary. Their smiles, giggles, and sugar highs – there is nothing quite like it. Seeing Jemma experience the sights and sounds of Christmas time brought so much joy to our family and Max was right beside her, snuggling all the way. I can only imagine the ruckus we’ll all create next year!

We spent the early part of December shopping, sewing, crafting, baking, and preparing our darling tree. The weekend before Christmas led us to Portland to visit Dominic’s parents and celebrate Christmas number one. We even stopped by Cotton Babies’ Reloveable Sale and Max scored some new fluff for his bum. Sales make this mama merry. Jemma spent some one on one time with her grandparents while Dom, Max, and I ran a few errands, then, we dined on the most mouth-watering chicken parmesan and manicotti. The following day, meatball sandwiches. Two words … food coma.

On Christmas Eve we rocked out at the afternoon service. Jemma stayed with us during the service instead of going to children’s church and she LOVED the music – boppin’ her head and clappin’ in unison with everyone.

At home, we had Christmas chili and Jemma opened a special present from her Pops – Caillou puzzles, memory, and dominoes. When puzzles and Caillou join forces, Jemma is one happy girl! Max got an adorable train conductor hat, scarf, and whistle to grow into. Jemma already has a soft spot for “Toto” (Tomas the Train), so I’m assuming Max will follow suite when his TV allowance increases from zero to something :)

Jemma’s big present from the family was a play kitchen and accompanying food and dishes. She received different kitchen accessories from each family member and has become a pro at serving up delicious wooden meals. I also ordered adorable doll diapers from this Etsy shop for her because she is rockin’ pretend play these days. And, true, I caved and purchased her some Elmo paraphernalia because she loves “Melmo” and I like seeing my kiddo happy.

Next year we’re totally implementing the something I want, something to wear, and something to read. I’m thinking of even implementing a something to give … like I want to give a bag of dog food to the animal shelter or I want to give Daddy his favorite cookies.

And now, the photo bomb …

 My tree hunters and their prize all decorated in green, silver, and gold
 Jemma’s favorite flavor of the holiday … gingerbread
 “WOW!” she said, as she unwrapped her new bear from Great Grandma
 Pops knows the way to Jemmie’s heart – Caillou-palooza
 Chocolate fondue on Christmas Eve
 “Now listen hear Max while I tell you everything I know about Christmas …”
 A lot of work goes into making Christmas magical
P.S. I have the best Christmas elf on my team ever!
The handsome boys … and the pretty girls
 Pinecones and candles and snow, all the things that make Christmas lovely
 Christmas dinner … prime rib, twice baked potatoes, Parker House rolls, and squash
 Super hugs for Max on his first Christmas
 Santie is coming!!! So excited!
 My two favorite Christmas gifts — Jemma’s wonder and love for all the elements of this special day and having my little man in my arms for his first Christmas, last Christmas he was teeny tiny in my tummy
The chillens and their Mimi and Jemma’s priceless face that she makes whenever something is “stuck” … in this case, wrapping paper :)
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  1. says

    So darling!!! Similar gifts given here – Elyse got a Caillou doll for which she is obsessed and a new kitchen too! So fun! Merry Christmas!!