21/52 & 22/52 & 23/52 & 24/52

 a portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013 

Yep, obviously got a little behind. I actually contemplated quitting, but after scrolling through the year thus far I decided I really wanted to finish. So, here’s a whopping big post of the last month. I had to scrounge on my iPhone for weeks 21 and 22, because those were the weeks I “quit”. But, iPhone photos are better than nothing. I mean, they say the best camera in the world is the one you have with you. Plus, it never hurts to learn to take decent photos with your phone – lesson here. Now, on to the massive catch up …
Jemma / / / Cookie break while wedding dress shopping for her auntie.
Max / / / Just a little mama snack during pedicures.

Jemma / / / Sleepover with Aunt Hannah – so happy she’s home from college!

Max / / / Why go to church nursery when you can snooze on Mimi?

Jemma / / / Magnifying glasses are awesome toys for little adventurers.

Max / / / Max is great motivation to keep the sink clear of dishes.

Jemma / / / Soon-to-be Uncle Aaron left for basic training and officer candidate school this week :( We’ve explained to Jemma by telling her that he left for awhile in an airplane. And now all I hear is … “Dee flyin’ an airplane!”

Max / / / All smiles during their last snuggle session for awhile.


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    so sweet! I wish I would have joined in on the portrait a week. what a treasure. i posted a photo bomb of the results of my little guy's first(ish) haircut. :)