Dora’s New Home

Awhile back Jemma gained a fondness for dear ol’ Dora and her sidekick Boots. Backpack and Map too! At the last JBF sale I scored a Dora Memory Game for $2 and we’ve been playing it ever since. Unfortunately, the box has taken quite a beating and lately pieces have been slipping out the sides causing Jemma quite the fright, “Oh no! Mama! Dora’s fallin’!!!” Everything is dramatic in her world. 
The other day I picked up a little tote for $3 and decided to make Dora Memory a new home.
Step One:
Gather supplies – tote large enough to fit pieces, game in a shabby box and scissors
Step Two:
Snip, snip! I cut out Dora, Boots and the word Memory so we would be able to identify this specific game. Had this been a game with directions on the back I would have included those too.
Step Three:
And just like that, Dora has a new home! And a pretty one at that! Plus, this size tote fits perfectly on our play room bookshelf.
How do you organize your kiddos toys?  
I’m just now starting to find creative ways to keep things in an orderly manner in the play room. I know, good luck! I haven’t completed many projects so I’m all ears on your favorite ways to organize! I am planning to do this tote project for a handful of puzzles that are in need of new homes and then …
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  1. says

    I *just* did this with some of Liam's puzzles. Those wimpy little cardboard boxes sure don't stand up to younger siblings!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Seriously! I so wish they came in something sturdier!