{GUEST POST} Keri-Anne’s Bird & Bunting Tree

Today, Keri-Anne from i was the sea is sharing a fabulous DIY. She has such a whimsical style to both her DIYs and motherhood. I adore seeing her gorgeous photos and peeks of her sweet girls, Elle and Mia. After you swoon over the bird and bunting tree project she has shared below you’ll need to hop over to her space and scroll through all the other lovelies she has to share!

And, here’s a little bit from Keri-Anne herself … I am a dreamer who is married to an auburn haired boy and who is a mummy to two beautiful fairy girls. I love photography, sewing, baking, vintage shopping, picnics in woods and just creating memories with my little family. I spend alot of time by the river with my girls, or in teepees reading beatrix potter books!
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Hello That Mama Gretchen readers. Whilst Gretchen is away having cuddles with her sweet little man, i thought i would share a diy i recently did. I wanted to share the “idea” really so it can be loosely followed and you can substitute most of the items for ones that are personal to you.

i have had a glass bottle on my fireplace with these gold ball branches in with some bunting and decorations for a little while. Today, i decided to jazz it up abit with lilac clippings from the garden.
I took it all apart and decided to do a little craft DIY post to show you how i created this. You don’t need to use the exact same things as i have. I found these gold glitter branches in a home store at christmas but i think any fake flower/branches would look just as pretty!

Here is what i used to create the tree:

  1. Glass bottle. I used a cooking oil bottle but you can use a milk bottle/jar or just a vase or glass if you would like.
  2. Doilie and string. I used the string to tie a doilie around the bottle, just to make it look a little prettier!
  3. Flower cuttings. I picked lilac and blossom from the garden.
  4. Fake flowers. As i mentioned before, i used these glitter gold ball branches but you can use whatever you want. I am using a fake version, as it means i always have a base with the decorations on, and i can just change the flower cuttings every few days without having to take everything off and starting again.
  5. Birds. i used a little glitter bird that i could clip onto the branch and a hanging bird
  6. Decorations. i used a hair bow for the top of the tree and a pinecone
  7. Bunting. i made these bunting by cutting out tiny triangles and then just using a needle and thread to link them together.

1. Decorate the bottle. I used a doilie and gold glitter thread.

2. Arrange the fake flowers and real flowers in the glass bottle.

3. String up the bunting.

4. Then decorate. I added the bow at the top and just hung a few little bits. You can do whatever you want to here!

And there you are. It is so simple and yet looks so pretty at the end of a fireplace or on a bedside table! I think it is such a lovely alternative to flowers in a vase and you can swap and change things as much as you like. You can also add different decorations to celebrate different occasions such as easter egg hangings for easter and scary spiders for halloween! Be creative! Let me know if you make one of your own!

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  1. SadieDear says

    What a gorgeous project! I'm already imagining variations for the holidays. =)