Dinosaur Toothbrush Holder

You know when you see a project that must be done? For me, it usually falls into two categories: easy + something Jemma would love.

Dinosaur toothbrush holders were one such project for me. I ran across the idea in Parenting Magazine and knew Jemma and all her little friends would be fans. I mean, who wouldn’t want their toothbrush to be showcased via the belly of a dino? Plusalso, what child doesn’t need a bit more motivation to brush their teeth?

I scavenged Value Village for a family of dinosaurs. Luckily, on my first trip I found two bags of four each for $8 total. Score! Once home, I plopped those dinos into the dishwasher for a thorough scrubbing …

Dinos in the dishwasher, where will I find them next?

Then, allowed them to air dry before instructing Dominic on his role. He used a spade bit to cut a toothbrush size hole in the back and belly of each dino while I took a nap with Max. Super exact, I know … a toothbrush size hole is somewhere between a nickel and a quarter diameter. He made the holes as smooth as possible around the edges with the bit and a pocket knife. Technically you could just create a hole in the dino’s back, but by doing one in the belly too you insure that stinky toothbrush drippings don’t get stuck inside your dino. And I’m totally anti-stinkiness. I’m imagining you are too.

Your dinosaur toothbrush holder is complete once you add a toothbrush. And that’s it! Say welcome to your bathroom’s latest accessory … Mr. Dino, the permanent resident of the bathroom counter!

Hey there, Mr. Dino, thanks a million for making brushing teeth so much fun!
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    This is going in my Pinspiration Friday board on Pinterest and will be showcased on the blog Friday! So cool I have no words. And we happen to have two dinosaurs that needed new homes. Thanks for sharing!


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