The Plentiful Pantry – It’s a Blog Hop!

February 15- 22, Amy of Amy Willa: Me, Mothering and Making It All Work and I invite you to share a post about how YOU make your pantry plentiful!

In a tough economy, frugality is important to daily life, but our health and happiness is important, too! Sharing meals is important to the human experience and to family life, and good nutrition keeps our bodies and minds strong and healthy. We want to know how you balance budgeting AND savory cooking in your home. What are your tips and tricks to stretching your food budget AND enjoying healthy meals with your family?

Possible topics include:

  • Tips to reduce waste when cooking
  • Making your own broths, rouxs, or other meal starters
  • Budget friendly meals
  • Healthy and family friendly recipes
  • Tips on couponing, canning, freezer meals, or buying in bulk
  • Experiences participating in Organic food co-ops
  • Experiences growing and storing your own food
  • Questions or concerns about cooking (maybe you don’t know how to cook something and would like to ask! i.e. How do I cook rice perfectly? Or What should I do with all these BEANS I get from WIC?)
  • Using foods provided by supplemental food programs like WIC Eligible Foods or Food Pantries
The blog hop will start on Friday February 15, and will be open for submissions until it closes on February 23. Feel free to link up more than one post – past posts on the topic are accepted. We can’t wait to see the great tips, recipes, and ideas that all of you have for establishing and maintaining a Plentiful Pantry!

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This is the first of a quarterly blog hop that Amy and I will be hosting – I’m so excited! Get cookin’ and scour your old posts to link up anything that applies to The Plentiful Pantry. It’s going to be such a great resource when I’m on the hunt for some savings or a creative meal. Feel free to grab a button and definitely take a peek at Amy’s blog too – she’s one of the lovely mamas I’ve met through Natural Parents Network and a real sweetheart to boot!

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