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Hi guys! I’m Amber. I blog over at My three bittles. In my blog I ramble on and on endlessly (only sometimes) about life in Alaska, having 3 babies, 2 cats and a bulldog. I talk about the trials that comes along with being married to a soldier and sometimes being a “single” mom. Fin’s 5. Maddie’s 4 and that sweet baby (Owen) is almost 1. I died a little inside when I said he’s ALMOST ONE!!

 David and I have been together for 6 years. Married for 5. Been friends since we were kids. This is us prebabies. 21 years old.

 This is a more recent picture of us. We’re funny. At least I think we are.


Favorite completed Pinterest project …  So far my favorite Pinterest thing I’ve tried would have to
be the shredded chicken in a mixer! It blew my mind and saved me so much time in the long run.  
One goal for the next year … In the next year, I hope to actually get on a good fitness schedule and stick to it! Need to shed some baby pounds.  
Favorite mama moment … As crazy as it sounds, since we’ve been mid-move, baby Owen’s sleep pattern is all kinds of crazy, but cuddling him and bouncing and rocking his little fat self at 2am makes me smile every time. As exhausted as I am, I know I won’t get to do that for much longer.  
Two favorite blogs … I absolutely adore Emily over at Hope Squared and also, Melissa of A Day in the Life of a Mom and a Wife
Recently read book … I actually really really enjoyed The Hunger Games trilogy. I’m a nerd.
Favorite baby product … Those baby food mesh thingies!! They’re AMAZING! Baby O loves watermelon and blueberries but not so much bananas. Ha. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can find them HERE.
Prized household tip … Vinegar!! Oh my gosh, I had no idea you could use it as a cleaning agent! It’s amazing! Less smelly than bleach or other cleaning products and it does an amazing job!
3 things on your to do list …
  • Find a house that we love. 
  • Get Fin registered for school. 
  • Start buying Christmas presents!
… Oh so many ways to follow along …
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  1. ThatMamaGretchen says

    You're welcome! Sorry it took me so long to post – I got such a swarm of them at once I had to space them out :) It was lovely having you!

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