{2} A Square of Little Things

Mothers of two (or more) … do you ever feel stress about taking an equal amount of pictures of your children? Right now I’m so entranced by Max and every little nap and grin. While Jemma, on the other hand, she is much better captured in video. She is constantly wiggling and talking and when she smiles she won’t look at me, no matter what I do. This two year old thing is just cray cray. And yes, I absolutely hate that I just said that. I promise I’m weaning myself off of awful verbage like that. That and the s*** word (like the real cuss word that I just feel wrong typing) because foul language just isn’t appropriate around the littles.

Ok, on to my little things from the recent week …

Jemma & Posie // Jem has been inviting the cat onto the couch lately. Posie isn’t allowed on the couch, but how can I say no when they are so sweetly bonding? Posie used to my cat then I became allergic and gave her to my parents, now we live with my parents so she’s around again, but something about pregnancy and postpartum hormones make me un-allergic … so weird. I got her from the humane society when I was 13 and named her Zipporah Jubilee. Zipporah morphed to Po which turned to Posie. Never in a million years did I think my daughter would one day be petting my chubby cat, her “keetie” as she is affectionately known.

Hands // Ohmygoodness. Swoon. Those little hands propping Max up during tummy time. I could spread them on a cracker and eat them up. And his lip pucker! I’ve got to stop so you don’t all gag.

Nursies // When I went back to work after Jemma was born she would come to visit every day during lunch. She would nurse and doze and I would take tons of pictures of her on my boob. They are some of my favorites and I’ve continued this nursie photo tradition with Max.

Downtown // Look at that! I left the house! I adore strolling downtown – it’s so quaint and old and one of my favorite places to go with my mama.

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  1. Briana Runde says

    I have felt the same way, for sure! I always feel like I am posting more pictures of the baby than of the girls. I do feel bad about that!Have you had any issues with uploading pictures on your blog? Mine is now saying my memory is full and that if I want to add anymore pictures, I have to pay.

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I've gotten that same error. Blogger only allows so much photo storage and then they charge. I think it's $5 to increase it or $5/year … something like that. The bigger the pictures the more space they take, so I increased my storage and now I resize all my pictures through picmonkey.com to maximize my new space.

  3. Briana Runde says

    I just purchased the extra space yesterday. Thanks for the tip on picmonkey. I will have to do that, because all of my pictures take up more space because of the camera quality I have.