12 in 2012: Book Update {and my Nifty Nook}

Between the move this summer and Max’s arrival my reading has really slowed down. My initial goal was to read 6 books in 2012. When I hit that I bumped it to 20 and now that is seeming a little zealous. But, I’m pressing forward and hoping to meet my goal.

I’m thinking my awesome Nook will be a big player in helping that happen since I can read just about anywhere with it. Reauthored sent me a beautiful Nook case for Nola. Yep, my Nook has a name. It’s an awesome repurposed book that offers safe storage for Nola and my little Nook library (i.e. acts as a barrier to keep Jemma’s sticky little hands from excitedly attacking the pictures on the screen saver).

Before Dominic gave me Nola, I read Divergent old style. Absolutely loved it and quickly sped read the sequel, Insurgent, as my first Nook book. According to the author’s blog, the third book in this series doesn’t come out until Fall 2013 and Divergent the movie is due in theaters March 2014 – crossing my fingers they stick to those dates! Divergent and Insurgent were books 12 and 13 in my goal towards 20.

I also finished The Other Baby Book which is my new go-to recommendation for new mamas. Chalk full of resources and REAL facts.

So, now I’m hoping to make some headway with books 15-20 over the fall and winter. I need a good balance of novel and non-fiction as I’m super slow at reading non-fiction even though I thoroughly enjoy them. Here’s what I’ve got on my radar …

  • 15. Radical Homemaker – My current Nook read. I downloaded the sample and loved it so I bought the whole edition. It’s a Lend Me book, so if you’re interested in reading it to you’re welcome to find me in Nook land and borrow it. 
  • 16. Raising Cain – I picked this one up at a used bookstore and am really liking it. It’s written by two psychologists who cover the topic of protecting the emotional life of boys.
  • 17. Swipe –  I just downloaded this on my Nook. It was one of those daily super deals that was recommended based on my love for Insurgent.

Books 18-20 will need to be fiction if I have any hope of making my goal. Having two little ones has made reading difficult, but I shall carry on. Tally ho! Yep, I just said “tally ho” – it’s one of my new sayings and Jemma cracks up every time I say it as we head out the door :)

What 2012 goals are you hoping to finish up in the next few months?
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  1. says

    at first i thought i had read 'raising cain,' but then i realized that i read a book earlier this year called 'raising abel.' :)

  2. Scott and Jamie Durh says

    you should read 'the tenth muse – my life in food' (or something like that!). it's the biography of judith jones who worked closely w/ julia child. it's all about food and recipes and paris and cookbooks. it's awesome. and it has recipes at the end. yum! i've read it, oh, five times. and if you want a true reading project, try either world without end or pillars of the earth. absolutely awesome fiction.

  3. Bianca says

    I read Raising Cain in college for my Soc of Gender class – very good read!

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Oooo, The Tenth Muse sounds really good! I'm going to check the library for that one :)

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Hahaha! Kind of the same :)