{GUEST POST} Shoe Twins

Do you ever dress yourself as a twin with your kids? I never set out with that intention, but on some days I’ll load us all in the car and realize we’re all wearing blue or beach graphics or some other match inspired outfit. 

Today, Jenny is sharing a fun little post all about another way to match in a cute way … shoe twins!
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Being a mum is exhausting; in between the constant cleaning and toddler paddies you need to have a bit of fun. Styling yourself and your child in matching outfits can be that outlet, it is not only a lot of fun for your child but for you too! And no, it isn’t just reserved for Mom and daughter you can enjoy matching clothing with your son too. If you’re looking for a look that is ultimately adorable or stylish-yet-sweet a matching pair of shoes is the way to go.

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