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While coordinating all the details of the Support Small Business feature I asked a number of shop owners to answer this question …

How has owning and operating a small business made a difference in your family’s life?
 I LOVED their responses and just had to share with you! It really places a great emphasis on how much our purchases impact the lives of individuals and their families.
For Jesse and I, owning our own small business has meant that we get to spend more time with our children, each other, and as a family.  We have learned valuable lessons about being frugal, conserving, and found a great importance in being able to give back to our community. We are learning as a family how to be more eco-friendly in our business and our family.
-Stacey B. of Bannor Toys 
It has allowed me to raise my little girl the way that I choose to! I am not forced into sending her to a daycare, which is the REAL reason why I started my business in the first place! Plus, I am able to teach her and influence her in positive ways that would otherwise be overlooked if I had to work a 40+hour job and be super tired when I got home!  My choice is also supported by the desire to homeschool as well☺ It allows me to be creative, which is a meditation in itself, and express myself through my creations to others! Knowing my choice has not only shaped how my family’s life is today, but the opportunity to help others too! My dream job come true!
Owning and operating a small business has made a difference to my family by showing us the value in the simple things in life. The important things are the memories that we are making when I am able to be home with my son during the day and working on JuteBaby from my home studio. I am able to shower my son with my affection and love. I am able to be there for important milestones. When Daddy gets home we get to go on long walks and play outside. I think those are the opportunities that a small business provides to a family.
-Amy of JuteBaby
 Owning a small business allows me to be at home with our children.  My husband has a long commute to work and does not work a set schedule from one week to the next.  Having one parent home provides stability for our children and sanity for our home. 
-Michele of Zookies Crafts

Owning my own business has allowed me to stay home with my children, watch them grow and learn new things everyday. Even though it is a challenge to sometimes not go crazy because I’m dealing with the terrible THREES, and a 10 month old that doesn’t like to nap, I wouldn’t do anything different! 
Krista of Augie and Lola 

Owning a small business has made a difference in my life because I’m a stay at home mom and it allows us to do little things we wouldn’t be able to afford on one income- professional pictures of our kids, a new pair of jeans or a special date with my husband. It is also great to have a personal gift to give to friends who are having babies (and we know a lot of those right now!). And it is such a blessing to be able to be with my kids every day :)
Lisa of Mud Turtles and More 

Don’t their words just make your heart swell? By supporting small business with our dollars, promotion, and encouragement we are making a HUGE difference in the day to day life of another. Does it get any better than that?
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