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Yay! I’m back with the third feature of The Fabulous Fall Scarf Tour! Check out the first and second installment here. Today I’ll be sharing a scarf from PIYOYO, it is just lovely as you can see.

I’m really digging this whole accessories thing. I feel like I can throw on some comfy pants, a solid tee, a pretty scarf, and BOOM! I don’t look too shabby. Don’t you just love the pieces in your closet that do that for you? Little miracles I tell ya.

So, PIYOYO. Sweet Shilo sent me this scarf. I love the pattern and how I can fluff the cotton to lay just so when I wrap it. Shilo shared this bit about her shop …

PIYOYO was created because I love to share my crafts with the world! Each item is made by pure instinct and love, inspired by anything and everything around me. We are a family team that each specialize in different areas of art~ MOM- crocheting, knitting, sewing. DAD- metal work, woods, wiring. DAUGHTER- painting, sketching, printing. SON- gaming, gaming and more gaming :o) on lucky occasions, he will come up with wood or ceramic projects to surprise us. We all love doing our different types of art as a hobby in our spare time and wouldn’t stop for anything. These are just what we slowly became passionate about throughout the years. 

Isn’t it so awesome how their shop is a family affair? It kind of makes me hope that someday my little ones and I can infuse our passion and creativity into a shop. Family activities are just the best!

Like PIYOYO on Facebook and use code BTS15 for 15% the purchase of any two scarves! 
I love this scarf, this one, and this one too :)
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