All-American Girl

The 4th was fabulous this year. Jem was in full patriotic spirit as we enjoyed a little flag march, parade, and delicious 4th of July food!
Jem’s whole outfit was thrifted, which, if you ask me is a very patriotic thing to do :)
Top and pants were originally from Gap and her little sandals are Salt Waters. She’s already wearing a size 7 shoes! I’ve been on the hunt for summer shoes lately since I anticipated her only being a 6 during the warmer weather. Goes to show how much I know about the pace of children’s feet growth.

Jem chowed down on a whole pint of raspberries at the start of the parade. 
She hasn’t learned to share when it comes to berries.
Not much startled Jem during the parade.
Not even the cannon man.
It probably helped that she was snuggled in a grandpa or grandma’s arms or lap :)
Her least favorite was the ambulance and fire truck caravan since they all had their sirens blaring.
 Since the parade was during nap time, Jem chose to stick with her schedule and snuggle up with Mama and brother for a few zzzz’s :)
Post-parade tradition is to visit our fave burger joint for melt-in-your-mouth burgers, tots, and milkshakes. I opted for a yummy corn dog slathered in ketchup – YUM. Which normally grosses me out, I’m so not a hot dog person. Jem inhaled tater tots and fell in love with her auntie’s hot fudge milkshake. Quite the treat for a little girl who doesn’t get many fast food/sweet outings!
We BBQ’d later in the day too – complete with macaroni salad, potato salad, Waldorf salad, and peach duff. Hello? The 4th is obviously a delicious day around here!
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  1. M'Lissa says

    Oh how I miss Eagans!

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    It's ok … I REALLY miss Pinkberry. So, that's about even :)I don't know why the froyo places up here can't figure out how good pomegranate is.

  3. Julie Marie says

    i love all these cute pics of your daughter..and you are so absolutely cute with your little preggo belly. i sooo miss having babies.. was never a great pregnant lady, but i loved the anticipation of the coming weeks of a newborn… looking forward to getting to know you more over the next month. =)

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    The anticipation is probably my favorite part too :) Makes most of the pregnancy woes totally worth it!