Priceless Grandparents

Welcome to the May 2012 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Parenting With or Without Extended Family
This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have shared how relatives help or hinder their parenting. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.

As I write, I’m sipping a mug of warm Ovaltine.

Ovaltine is special to me because it was a love my Grammy and I shared. Technically, I’m guessing it started as a love of hers; one she was eager to pass on to her grandchildren. No matter how I came about it, I love it. I love the way it makes me feel. I love the memories it recreates. Many of my memories with Grammy surround food – peanut butter and banana, sugar cookies with sprinkles, huckleberry chocolates, apples from the orchard, and graham crackers dipped in milk.

Grammy was my last grandparent. My paternal grandfather passed away years before I was born, even before my parents met. His wife, my Grandma Sarah, died when I was 6, and my maternal grandfather went to Heaven when I was 4 months old. All that to say, Grammy was the only grandparent I knew. Plus, I was named after her and always felt like we had a special bond because of it.

Grammy and I – 1988

I share about Grammy because she is part of the reason I always wanted to be a young mom. I was 12 when she died at 75 years of age and part of me felt so empty after she left. At 12, Grammy was one of my best friends. Our time together was always rich, and fun, and perfect.

Over the years I’ve missed Grammy so much. Of course the big milestone felt her absence, but even in the daily things she is extremely missed. For a long time I’ve dealt with the pain of a grandparent-less life. Thankfully I have fond memories. I have peace that Grammy is in Heaven. I know I’ll see her again some day. But still, as a mom, I hope to evade a similar pain for my children. I’m not talking about beating death, but rather, I knew I always wanted to be a young mom so I could provide as many grandparent-filled years as possible for my children. The opportunity to make memories. To feel the love I so fondly remember. A chance to have them be a part of milestones and the every day.

Jemma is blessed to have all four grandparents alive and well. She has a special bond with each one and I can’t wait to see their relationships grow in the coming years. It is my prayer that we have many years to foster those relationships; grandparents are priceless.

From my own memories with Grammy and now, seeing Jemma with her grandparents, I’ve discovered many ways to ensure that she’ll always have fond memories of Boo Daddy, Gran Jan, Pops, and Mimi. Here are a few ideas to incorporate into your children’s grandparent relationships …

  • Discuss them when they are absent. Whether they have passed away, are across town, or across the country. Make grandparents a part of every day conversation.
  • Create a grandparent picture book. You know those little baby flip books? This is my favorite since it easily fits 4×6 photos with no trimming. Devote one to grandparent photos!
  • Record a book. Once your children learn their grandparent’s faces, they’ll be quick to connect their voice as well. Rather than Skype or phone calls, why not allow your child instant access to their grandparent’s voice with a recorded book? Hallmark offers quite a few stories and I’ve seen them sold at Kohl’s as well.
  • Daily activity companion. If grandparents are close by allow them to take part in daily activities. It doesn’t always have to be a birthday party or event to arrange a get together. Invite them over for a weeding party or closet sort. Many daily activities can be made extra fun with a special visitor
  • Establish traditions. Grammy and I always watched Rogers and Hammerstein movies together. I don’t recall watching them with anyone else. It was something special that was just for us. Encourage your parents and children to establish traditions that are unique to them. 
  • Help them remember. For grandparents who have passed, don’t allow their memory to die. Keep pictures around, watch family videos, and honor their memory by initiating and carrying conversations based on your child’s comfort level.
  • Write grandma or grandpa’s biography. In third grade, as a part of a school project, I wrote Grammy’s biography. It started as an interview and morphed into a full story of her childhood, meeting my grandpa, and other life highlights.
  • Take pictures together. My mom is a fabulous photo journalist. She has documented so many small moments from over the years and I am blessed to have many pictures of Grammy and I together. Still, I wish I had more. It has reminded me to take more pictures of Jemma nad each of her grandparents.
  • Adopt a grandparent. Once Grammy passed away, my parents helped us adopt grandparents so we could continue experiencing the blessing of a having a relationship with an older generation. I have many adopted grandparents – friend’s grandparents, couples from church, etc. – and they too, are priceless!
What was your relationship with your grandparents like? 
How do you help foster a positive relationship between your children and their grandparents?

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  1. Megan Hannan says

    My maternal grandparents passed when I was in high school. My paternal grandfather passed about two years ago. My paternal grandmother was my last one left and we got even closer in the last two years. Unfortunately she just passed a month ago. I was so glad my daughter got to have time with her, but I'm sad to think that she'll forget. We have a picture of my Gram in the living room and I love that Gwen will look at her and smile and say "Gram." Thankfully both of my parents and my husbands parents are happy and healthy, and Gwen adores them all.

  2. hobomama says

    You're making me feel sad now that I've done all my timing wrong, lol. No, I do think about the fact that my kids will likely grow up not really knowing their grandparents, same as my experience with mine. I hope I'll be able to be close my own grandkids, but I'll probably be dead… ;) We've totally done the flip book thing, with aunts and uncles, too. I wanted our kids to know our relatives' faces and names for when we visit. I love the ideas of establishing a special tradition and writing the life story. I'll have to try those ones next time we're there! Thanks so much for your post — I really appreciated the tips and the perspective!

  3. says

    This post is totally making me cry. I have always been very close to my paternal grandparents – I even moved 4000 miles to live with them in Dominica. They are such a support for me and so very close to my children, especially with my Mum living in the place I left and thus at a huge distance. I had a thought just last night of the extreme loss I will feel when they are gone. They are both 78 years old and while they often say that they won't be around much longer I tell them that they will still be around to watch my children drive their first car! You've reminded me to start taking much more photos and movies as I know that whatever happens in life they will forever be a part of my children's world even when that is just in memories. Thanks for such a touching post even though you have me sobbing at the screen.

  4. ThatMamaGretchen says

    That's so sweet that she recognizes Gram. My youngest sister was only 6 when Grammy passed away, but I think our pictures, discussions, and stories have helped keep her memories alive too :)

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Sorry I made you cry :( But, glad to know that others have the same love for their grandparents! I'm definitely planning to take more pictures and videos in the coming months/years/decades too!

  6. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Your timing isn't wrong – it's perfect :) No matter the situation you/your kids are in, I think you gain appreciation and perspective from each experience. Plus, with technology these days distance doesn't have to be near the obstacle it has in generations past!

  7. hnimble says

    This is such a touching beautiful post. I never actually met or even know any of my grandparents. Albeit, I do get along very well with the older generation. There is one picture of my great grandma at my parents place and on my computer. As I did not experience grandparents personally, I made sure to take my little one on a long car journey (not even 4 months old at the time) to see her great grandmother. This was very fortunate as she passed away shortly thereafter. I get her to visit her great grandfather frequently at the nursing home. Both sets of grandparents get to see their granddaughter, but my parents place is my 2nd home and accomodates babies/toddlers so I go there often :)

  8. says

    I love these ideas! I was SO close to my maternal grandmother. She was basically my second mother, and I am so grateful that my mom made it possible for me to have a close relationship with my grandma. All of your ideas are excellent. Some of my most special times were when my mom let me take the greyhound bus to grandma’s house for a week – I felt so grown up, and then we had so much fun together while I was in town!

  9. Darah Hulse says

    oh your Grammy. Afternoons that I am home I try to make myself a pot of tea and these days I'm favoring the teacup Grammy gave me when I turned 16. Such an honor. I forgot that you girls were so young when she died. I'll never forget when we went to her house the first time and we left with some sort of produce – I think a squash of some sort – and I questioned my mom about it. She told me that that's just what women of Grammy's generation do, they share and you never leave their home without something to take with you. I think she was really my first study in graciousness. off to make a pot of tea . . . hugs!

  10. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Thank you so much for sharing – I love hearing other stories of how wonderful Grammy was! It's so true – she always did send you home with something. I love that about her generation and hope it is something we can resurrect! Graciousness is sure a beautiful thing :)

  11. ThatMamaGretchen says

    How fun to take the greyhound to your grandma's house! For quite awhile we lived next door to Grammy and we had a trail through the woods between our two houses – affectionately known as "The Grammy Trail".

  12. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Both sets of Jem's grandparents have done a great job at making their home welcome to little ones. Isn't that so nice?

  13. hnimble says

    Yes it is! And it makes for much greater quality interactions. :)

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  1. […] Priceless Grandparents — That Mama Gretchen reflects on her relationship with her priceless Grammy while sharing ways to help children preserve memories of their own special grandparents. […]

  2. […] Priceless Grandparents — That Mama Gretchen reflects on her relationship with her priceless Grammy while sharing ways to help children preserve memories of their own special grandparents. […]