18 Months

Dear Jemma,

Every day you become more and more of a little girl. Each day, your wide eyes fill with excitement followed by new words as you discover bits and pieces of the world. You smile the biggest smile and laugh, giggle, and occasionally throw a wee little fit when life doesn’t go exactly how you think it should. It’s so fun to watch you grow!

One day this month I experimented with a no nap day. Very bad idea! This resulted in a few meltdowns and a pretty nasty fall onto the hard mall floor after you ran off and bumped into a lady’s legs. You definitely still need a good 2 or 3 hour nap – and frankly, mama does too!

We did alot of shopping for baby brother this month! You were a super shopper at many of the consignment says and wowed those around of with your sweet sign for “more” when we had a snack break. Of course, you scored a few sweet summer clothes and some fun toys too! Speaking of babies, we watched one of your littlest friends this month and you were a great helper! You played, read books, helped feed, and shooshed just like a little mama. There is no doubt you will be the best big sister!

Mama loves you to bits Jemma. Hugs and kisses forever!

“mwah” – for kisses
“me” – for everything she wants
“weeeeeee” – for everything that moves
“aw gone” – all gone
“mmmmm” – for all things that taste good
whispered “ahhhhh” – for all things you drink that taste refreshing, especially cold water
Signing “more”, “please”, and “all done” … practicing “thank you” 
Making a fish face and then kissing while puckered up
Finally sliding down the stairs on her tummy
Easily sliding off our bed
On and off the couch like a champ
On and off her rocking horse too
Really consistent waving
Covering her mouth when she coughs 
Washing her tummy with soap … my tummy too!
Stepping onto something and then balancing
Climbing on and off her mini chair
Starting to color with crayons – she is VERY right handed
3-piece puzzles and matching shapes into her shape sorter, although she growls and shrieks sometimes when they won’t fit quite right though
Banana Vanilla yogurt
Dubliner cheese … and ALL CHEESE!
Annie’s mac ‘n cheese
Apple Carrot Sauce – “on the go” pouches from Trader Joe’s
Olive Garden’s Pasta Fagioli soup (and mama’s homemade version too)
Rice cakes
Dog treats! Yes, you snuck a piece from Mister Riley and kept saying “mmmmm”
 Homemade granola bars – recipe coming soon!
 Apple cinnamon oatmeal
 Curry and naan
 Black beans and broken down Chipotle burrito
 Watered down mango juice from Naked
Breakfast sausage 


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  1. says

    I can't believe how big she is! I started reading your blog when she was itty-bitty, and it's been so fun to see her grow from an beautiful baby to a beautiful little big girl!