5 Year Anniversary!

Technically our anniversary isn’t until August, but you know what else is coming in August … yep, that means no romantic getaway. Unless we bring along a wee little one as a stowaway :)

Dominic and I decided to celebrate early with a stay in downtown Portland! We had some fun plans and although things didn’t go quite as we imagined, we still had a wonderful time away just the two of us.

We stayed at the historical Multnomah Hotel, now operated by Embassy Suites! We stayed at an Embassy before our honeymoon cruise took off so it seemed fitting to go back. Plus, they have amazing breakfast buffets and a manager’s cocktail hour with free drinks … for guests who aren’t pregnant.

The view from our room … overlooking our new family Suburban who we have dubbed B-3. This is Dominic’s third vehicle, the first was named Bubba, the second – Bubba Jr., and now B-3!

Before it got dark we took a walk to the Pearl District – fun shopping and lots of yummy restaurants! I popped into Anthro and picked up a small gift for Aunt Kiki at Lululemon who was taking on Jemma’s first night away from mom and dad.

After exploring the Pearl we hiked – er, took the elevator – to the 39th floor of the U.S. Bank Tower. That’s where Portland City Grill resides – a hot spot in our love story since that is where Dominic took me for dinner the night he proposed. We got one of the first happy hour tables and snacked on a burger, garlic fries, crab and shrimp bruschetta, Caesar salad, and the best strawberry lemonade I’ve ever had!

I attempted to get a style file picture, but this is what my photographer came up with …

… not my favorite angle or back drop. So we tried again …

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY DATE — scarf, made by Leah | trench, michael kors from Costco | leggings, hue | dress, old navy maternity | gold skinny belt, target | boots, steve madden

After dinner we snuggled in for a movie, but Dominic fell asleep and I decided to take a quiet bath. That’s what you get on a toddler free night – sleep and relaxation! I finished reading The Host and absolutely loved it! Plus, it’s going to be a movie in 2013 – WOOHOO!

In the morning I could hardly wait for breakfast so we arrived bright and early. I sent Katie a text to see how the night went with Miss Jem and it turns out Katie had been fighting the flu since the morning. OH NO! We finished up breakfast, grabbed some Voodoo doughnuts to snack on later and rescued poor Katie. My mom came to pick up Katie so she didn’t have to ride the train home and Dominic and I settled in for a day at home with Jem. Dominic had taken the day off from work so we lounged, napped, and then grabbed dinner together while Jemma visited with her grandparents.

Not quite the relaxing day off we had planned, but the flu apparently doesn’t care too much about anniversaries and such. Katie is on the mend and we all stayed healthy, so I would consider that a success! Plus, Katie promised us another date day … Jemma is lucky to have such a wonderful Auntie!

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  1. Shannon Hillinger says

    I'm glad you had a good early anniversary!

  2. hobomama says

    Shannon told me you had a cute stripy maternity dress and that you should take us all shopping (I agree), so I had to pop in and see. I'm glad you had a fun trip, though sorry it was cut short. You're inspiring me to plan an overnight getaway to Portland sometime, too! Looks like fun.

  3. ThatMamaGretchen says

    A shopping trip would be fun :) I found that dress on super clearance at Old Navy – $7! It is one of my favorites right now!

  4. says

    Wow, you have that super cute small-but definitely-pregnant belly that I wanted SO BAD in the early days! Mine always just looked tubby!