Thanksgiving 2011 & Turkey Handprint Place Cards

Dominic and I hosted Thanksgiving for the second time this year. It was a fabulous get together of his parents, mine, Jemma’s aunties, and the Thankgiving star herself, Jemma!

Our meal consisted of turkey, ham, sweet potatoes, rolls, cranberry dressing, olives, pickled beets and beans, olives, cranberry sauce, corn, macaroni and cheese, pumpkin pie, and gingersnaps with pumpkin dip! Mmmm — yum! And, we’re still finishing leftovers!

We’re so thankful for our little munchkin! Mama’s headband c/o The Trendy Owl
Jemma’s Thanksgiving meal
Licking her plate clean! The ham and macaroni and cheese were definitely her favorites.

As Jemma and I bustled around the kitchen days prior to Thanksgiving, we got the grand idea to make place cards for each of our guests!

Turkey Handprint Place Cards

  • Cut Kraft paper into a tent shape
  • Traced child’s hand print with a crayon
  • Release child to play :)
  • With a Sharpie, add eye, beak, and gobble to handprint — TA DA — it’s a turkey!
  • Add border, child’s name and age, and a cute little “thankful” note


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    This makes me want Thanksgiving dinner all over again! Yummy! I love the handprint, thankful card idea! Super cute! I'll definitely do that next year!New follower to your blog….loving it! :-)♥ Kyna

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