Boobs & Babies: Must Haves

With a little over 10 months of experience, here’s what I would consider my MUST HAVES for nursing …

Most reliable nursing pads
All natural nipple cream
Favorite nursing bra – Bravado Bliss
Best resource book

I’d also recommend a hefty stock of burp cloths. I made my own out of fun flannels. And, most important, be sure that you know the main contact for your local La Leche League. When you run into an unknown, it’s good to give the experts a call!

If you plan to pump/store milk, there are a few extras I’d recommend …
This isn’t the pump I have, but if I was in the market for a new one I’d definitely get the Hygeia
Simple Wishes pumping bra – crazy/ugly, but SO FUNCTIONAL
4 ounce canning jars, perfect size for freezing milk and they are re-useable. Milk today, jam tomorrow :) I bought 5 dozen on sale at the end of canning season and have only had to buy milk freezer bags as back-up

Chest freezer – definitely a luxury, but having one has been great for milk storage. Plus, breastmilk lasts for 6-12 months in a chest freezer (in comparison to 3-6 months in a fridge/freezer)
Am I missing anything? 
What has been your favorite nursing product?
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  1. says

    I couldn't have lived without my nursing tanks from Target. I had 3 and had to throw them all away at the end of a year because I had completely worn them out.

  2. says

    Great suggestions! I like the small canning jar idea. I would have never thought of that! My favorite nursing products are the LilyPadz (brand name) and cotton nursing pads. The cotton ones are much softer than the disposables. I also made my own burp cloths and they are a must! I go through two each day. I love love love nursing my boy!

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