Baby Sale Loot

I’m still a bit floored by the amount of baby clothing at the sale. It was unbelievable. It was incredibly organized. I wll be going back every year. I truly believe the mall is officially the worst place to buy clothing. Everything pictured above was under $5 … most was $1-$2. I know, crazy. These mad deals are exactly why Dom is ok with me buying girl and boy clothes.

So, from left to right … some of my favorites :)

  • Red puffy vest and Nike beanie modeled by Bruce … Dominic has a puffy vest and is obsessed with Nike so it seemed like a fitting outfit.
  • Awesome surfer T – although worry it might be too skinny for a Bosso baby. Jeans with knee padding … what, what!?!?! Perfect for crawling.
  • Random floral dress … LOVE IT!
  • Baby Gap hoodie, came with navy pants too. Good for a boy or girl.
  • Hanna Anderson top … from Europe. Need I say more. Homemade beanie … definitely not knit with love like Leah’s, but still cute and worth $1.
  • Gap flannel … totally pumpkin patch worthy for a boy or girl.
  • Adorable sea scene yellow dress, found a fabulous navy cardigan to match. So Easter.
  • Halo sleep sack. These are $25 at Babies R Us. I paid a 10th of that … $2.50, baby!!!
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  1. Mom..."Mimi&quo says

    Just can't wait to fill those cute clothes with a cute baby!!!