My Sweetheart & A Giveaway

In celebration of Valentine’s day 19 lovely ladies and I are giving away an iPad Mini! I really really really hope one of my readers wins! And, a special thank you to Myranda for coordinating everything. Here are all the details straight from her: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 5 // 6 // […]

Doubling Diapers

Oh diapers, how I love thee. Kind of. Back in the day – circa January 2012 – I had grand hopes that Jemma may potty learn prior to her brother’s arrival. It didn’t happen. Which I expected. That put me with two babies in diapers. And here’s all the nitty gritty on that. To boost […]

Just Call Me a Wellness Warrior

Since welcoming Max into our family my shopping trips in town have seen a dramatic decline. Yes, I’m a bit cooped up, but I’m embracing this as my current season – one that I know I’ll look back on fondly. Being at home more I’ve had to increase my creativity when it comes to shopping.Thank […]

Style File | It’s My Choix

Max’s dedication … blouse, c/o Choix | jeggings, Kohls | boots, Nordstrom Choix, French for choice. Life gives us so many. We make so many. Choice is a magnificent thing. It’s also kind of a daunting thing. From sweet little decisions like clothing to monumental ones like having a child. It sounds cliche, but the […]

The Brighter Side of a Single Christmas

Oh, Sister of mine … I’m here to pass on some sisterly words of wisdom to you today. I’m not sure if you remember, but while I was in college I went through a holiday break-up. It wasn’t my choice, I was holding on pretty hard, but not for reasons you might expect. You see, […]