2011 Etsy Spotlight: Anna Bananna Boutique

Oh, headbands! You make me smile like no other. Especially when you are on my sweet girl’s noggin :) And, of course, THE BIGGER THE BETTER! This adorable headband is from Anna Bananna Boutique and is by far Jemma’s loudest headband. It screams, “Look at me everyone! I am a cute baby wearing an equally […]

2011 Etsy Spotlight: Dandelion Day Dreaming

 – I can’t wait to take Jemma to Disneyland. Why, you ask? Well, in addition to the wonderfulness of Main Street, princesses and fun rides I can’t wait to share “It’s a Small World”. It’s classic Disney and I know she is going to love it. We’ll sing the song many times I’m sure … […]

Giveaway Winners

Angel Baby Treasures giveaway winners have been emailed. Thank you so much to Angel Baby Treasures for sponsoring this review and giveaway! P.S. Isn’t this and this from Angel Baby Treasures just lovely? Homemade items are so fabulous. I adore them! P.S.S. For other great Etsy giveaways visit this sweet blog!

2011 Etsy Spotlight: Spiral Mama

Here’s the scoop … teething babies are a breed of their own. They morph into unhappy creatures who scream at will, drool like crazy and seem relatively unconsolable. Do you blame them? I mean, they have teeth pushing through their soft little gums. That is the definition of unpleasant. J will hate me in the […]

Giveaway Winners

Random.org selected the winners of the Comfy Rump Diaper and Milk Made Momma giveaways. Emails have been sent, please respond within 48 hours :)

2011 Etsy Spotlight: Angel Baby Treasures

Jemma and I have been blessed to partner with a lovely shop, Angel Baby Treasures, who specialize in fabulous baby blankets and diaper changing pads. It isn’t everyday that you run across “favorites”, but Angel Baby Treasures is just that … our new favorite! Over the last few weeks we have put our snuggly owl […]

2011 Etsy Spotlight: Milk Made Momma

Milk Made Momma is the first of our 2011 Etsy Spotlight and we can’t rave enough about their products. Milk Made Momma has a lovely assortment of goodies just for mamas and babies – sweet toys, cloth wipes, skincare, baby dresses, nursing pads and much more. I especially appreciate that Becca, the genius behind Milk […]

Comfy Rumps Review & Giveaway

Guess what we’re gonna talk about today? This sunshine dipe that makes me and my mama oh-so happy! Between my months of cloth diaper research and the 3 months of cloth diaper reality, Jemma and I have learned a thing or two about the wonders and mishaps of cloth diapering. One of these days I’ll […]

Giveaway Winner

Comment #8 won the Shlomit Ofir earring giveaway. Congratulations to Elsie who wrote: “We’re giving to a couple organizations for the holidays and helping out at church! =)” as a way she gives rather than receives during the Christmas season. Thanks to all who entered!

Baby K’tan Review

Early in my pregnancy I began researching babywearing options. I was a bit hesitant to jump into this territory of motherhood, but was soon swept away by all the benefits. One carrier I researched was the Baby K’tan. This company was started by 2 couples who couldn’t find the perfect carrier on the market … […]