BabyLegs Review & Giveaway

When the weather gets chilly … and I mean, when isn’t it in the Northwest? You know what I reach for? BABYLEGS! BabyLegs are pretty fabulous. They add that extra layer of cozy and make diaper changes a breeze. Jemma is a fan for their style. I’m a fan for their functionality. Ok, ok … […]

2011 Etsy Spotlight: Up All Night Studios

With a mix of vintage, re-purposed, and new materials Up All Night Studios has quite the flair for hip baby and toddler wear. I mean, check out this onesie! I also love these two tops from the Studio … Seriously, they are too sweet and fulfill many of my very important clothing preferences – quality […]

Sadie Ryan Keepsakes Giveaway

A little while ago Sadie Ryan Keepsake Tiles blessed us with a beautiful tile commemorating Jemma’s birth. Sadie Ryan has fabulous customer service and helped me customize the perfect tile. I’m a big fan of them! Can you beleive how little Jemmie used to be??? Some of my favorite features of Sadie Ryan tiles are: Display in […]

Kickypants & 2011 Etsy Spotlight: MiLu Couture

Kickypants and MiLu Couture helped us celebrate a beautiful Easter weekend!  Kickypants literally has the softest baby and toddler clothes. They are made of bamboo and although a bit pricier than our normal fare, they are absolutely worth it! Jemma has had a bout of sensitive skin and I always reach for her Kickypants clothes […]

2011 Etsy Spotlight: Amber for Sale

We’ve made it to 6 months with only a slight whisper of coming teeth. Although I am thankful. I am also bracing myself. Teeth are right around the corner and I shudder at the thought. :::shudder:::: I don’t want to see my girlie in pain and I for sure don’t want her to lose her […]

Jemma has a present for you …

In honor of Jemma’s very first 1/2 birthday we has partnered with Stell & Livi, a fabulous Etsy shop that creates adorable birthday hats, crowns and other felt creations! I’m telling you, when I see these sweet hats … I swoon! If you’re swooning too … you are in luck! YOU COULD WIN ONE! Three […]

2011 Etsy Spotlight: My 2 Lil Pixies Boutique

I know it, Daddy knows it, even Jemma’s nanny knows it. No outfit is complete without a hair accessory! Thanks to My 2 Lil Pixies Boutique Jemma has added purple into her headband collection. For the time being we have deemed purple her favorite color. We’ll see if it sticks! I adore the sparkly center […]

2011 Etsy Spotlight: Little Sapling Toys

Take a glance around our living room and you’ll know without a doubt a little girl lives with us. Toys, blankets and books are strewn about and a sweet girl usually isn’t far behind the chaotic fun. Amidst the clutter, we’re striving to live more simply as we raise Jemma and part of this is […]

Rockin’ Green Review & Giveaway

I have been cloth diapering Jemma for a little over 4 months now. It has been a great experience thus far. All except for some sneaky stink we ran into around month 2 and 3. Here’s some of the back story … When we moved in June 2010 we sold our trusty old washer and […]

2011 Etsy Spotlight: Little Jumping Beans

I was thrilled when my package from Little Jumping Beans arrived. You know why? Babushka dolls! Yes, that’s right … this week’s Etsy Spotlight has fabulous soft-soled baby shoes made with Babushka doll fabric. Oh. my. word. Normally, I would say I had a hard time picking out a print for these adorable shoes. Isn’t […]