8 + 9 Weeks

How far along: 9 weeks Gender guess: Still thinking girl. And according to Instagram comments, I’m carrying high which also leads to a pink thoughts. And the striped tank? It’s officially the best tank top ever. I want all the colors!  Weight gain: Who knows. Who cares. Sleep: I don’t even know. Is it Dominic’s snoring keeping me awake? Max’s mega […]

Pregnancy Mantra — Think Happy Thoughts

Statistics say that 1 in 4 pregnancies end in miscarriage. It’s a daunting figure that leads to cautious excitement. I’m thrilled to be expecting, but, what if … And then the demons enter to manifest my crazy pregnancy hormones into an onslaught of fear and worry. And it’s ugly. And sad. And leaves me almost pushing away from […]

Yes, I’m a Pregnant Runner

These days I do three things. Try to find something appetizing to eat – the plague of my first trimesters. Sleep – lots. And run – as fast and as long as I can a few times each week. You see, before I found out I was pregnant I committed to a race. I even […]

7 Weeks

It’s the beginning of pregnancy number three!  I don’t think I’ve ever started journaling this early. With Jemma we didn’t announce until the end of the first trimester. Because of THE RULES that aren’t really rules. And with Max we didn’t find out until I was 9 weeks along. It’s funny to me, because you think once […]

Baby #3 — The Day We Found Out

Let’s all be super in awe of my equality and fairness as a mom for a quick moment. Today’s post is dedicated to baby number three’s official debut. Also known as “the day I peed on a stick”. I posted about the same event for itsy bits Jemma back in 2010 and then tiny little Max in early 2012.  If […]

Baby Number Three

Did you see? Did you see? WE’RE EXPECTING BABY NUMBER THREE! Come Christmas time we’ll be welcoming a sweet little baby to our family and we couldn’t be more thrilled! Especially Jemma. All of us, of course, but especially her. Jem actually predicted her little sibling 3 days before I took a pregnancy test. Last Tuesday […]

Meet the Deklan Bump!

I left out the most important part of our Lubbock adventures because it deserved a post all of its own. And no, the title of this post has nothing to do with a Gretchen baby bump. No, no, no – not yet! It does have everything to do with the little miracle that is my […]

Give Some Postpartum Love

I love it when sponsorship opportunities line up perfectly with a post I’ve already been dreaming up. Even better, FREEBIES! So, send a little thank you Poise’s way and pin the ish out of this post for the upcoming baby shower I know you’re heading to soon :) Babies, babies, everywhere! They’re popping up via […]