Give Some Postpartum Love

I love it when sponsorship opportunities line up perfectly with a post I’ve already been dreaming up. Even better, FREEBIES! So, send a little thank you Poise’s way and pin the ish out of this post for the upcoming baby shower I know you’re heading to soon :)

Babies, babies, everywhere! They’re popping up via bumps and birth and I’m just brimming with ideas to stock my mama gals up with all the essentials of postpartumhood.

Enter the basket of postpartum must-haves – what every mama won’t necessarily love, but will most definitely need.

photo 4So, heading to a baby shower or preparing for your own birth? Give some postpartum love in the form of a handy dandy basket of goodies! In no particular order …

  • Tuck’s Pads /// which aren’t really pads, more like circle wipes for healing the hootie – best when kept in the refrigerator, and yes, that’s wisdom from personal experience :)
  • Nursing Pads /// Depending on milk flow, let down intensity and the day’s activities, I alternate between disposable pads and washable Bamboobies
  • Lanolin /// No one likes cracked nips, nope, no one
  • Lactation Cookies /// 1) Yum 2) Keep that milk a flowin’ with an extra boost of galactogogues, here’s my favorite recipe to make and my favorite place to order pre-made ones
  • Water /// Make it easier to stay hydrated with H2O a la Mason Bar Company or Cuppow cuteness
  • Essential Oils /// Love me some Serenity for diffusing and adding an extra dose of peace for mama and for the littles ones – Slumber Baby blend and a roller of DigestZen pre-diluted with coconut oil for belly aches and colic
  • Headband /// I’m all about keeping my hair out of my face, love the bang busters from Lululemon
  • Nursing Tank /// Whip it, whip it real good – as in “whip it out”, nursing tanks just make breastfeeding simpler
  • Blinkbuggy Phone App /// The perfect memory keeper to update while you’re on the go or nursing a little one
  • Snacks /// I’m hungry as bear during those postpartum days and since sometimes mamas have to cut out various foods while nursing, these paleo bars are a dream come true

And last, but not least, Poise Microliners! Because some things carry on past what we normally consider the postpartum period, some things just become part of motherhood. That’s where SAM comes in. One third of women, postpartum and beyond, need a boost of confidence without the worry of leaks.

Yep, light bladder leakage is one of those pesky realities mama’s tend to encounter, but Poise has your back, er, bottom, and you can try out their microliners here for free! Poise has you covered thanks to SAM – super absorbent material – and that’s a great thing because leaks are one thing busy mamas don’t like to be surprised with.

What else would you add to a postpartum love basket?

photo 3 photo 1photo 2Don’t forget to snag your SAM Poise Microliner freebie!

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  1. jamie4flanary says

    Very nicely done! I love the idea of a postpartum gift for baby showers! Wish I received one!

    • says

      Thanks! Baby showers are so often focused on baby, but mama needs some love too!