ONE-DERLAND … Jemma’s Alice Dress

Jemma had a special request – an Alice costume for her party.With a few kisses and hugs for her Mimi, Jemma’s wish was granted! She knew an Alice dress was a little above her mama’s sewing skills – maybe by next year I’ll be able to sew something more than a square :) One of […]

ONE-DERLAND … Invitations

All good parties start with a fancy invitation, wouldn’t you agree? When Dominic and I were planning our wedding we I decided it was SUPER important to have fabulous invitations. I had this whole bridezilla philosophy of how the invitations set the tone for the entire ceremony/reception. Somehow I figured that bad invitations practically led […]

We’ve almost arrived in One-derland!

Awhile back I blogged about my idea for Jem’s 1st birthday. I decided to put the Tutti Fruitti theme on hold until she is 2 and run with the whole number/age alliteration (is that what you would call it?) and go for a 1 theme – Alice in Wonderland. Get it? Wonderland = One-derland :) […]