ONE-DERLAND … Invitations

All good parties start with a fancy invitation, wouldn’t you agree?

When Dominic and I were planning our wedding we I decided it was SUPER important to have fabulous invitations. I had this whole bridezilla philosophy of how the invitations set the tone for the entire ceremony/reception. Somehow I figured that bad invitations practically led to divorce. Invitations are important, but they aren’t that important. I mean, even if I text invited everyone to Jem’s party, I’m pretty sure she’d still turn 1 and be happy as a clam. Ha – like those little clams from Alice …


On to Jem’s invitations … I asked a dear friend with mad graphic arts skills to whip up something creative. After researching a number of ideas I landed on a tea bag shape with whimsical tea party wording and such. Rather than the bold Disney or the creepy Depp version of Alice in Wonderland we’re going for a sweeter, vintage look.

The text was created in Publisher, then trimmed to size. I worked backwards from the paper bag brown envelopes (Michael’s clearance – yay!) and ended up with about a 4×6 rectangle shape. Being the perfectionist that I am I struggled with cutting the two diagonals evenly. So much so that I called in the big guns – Dominic – to help figure out a plan to get even angles on both sides. After a few test runs we had success and I was on my way to invitation bliss.

I used crochet yarn for the string and for the tags we printed the little teacup on address labels so I could just sticker them together with the string in the middle. Clear tape adheres the string to the back.

That’s that. Sweet, simple, and ready to get our party on :)

For other Alice inspired party notions, visit Windrosie – our party sponsor!
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  1. says

    They are so. lovely! i was the same for Elle's invites for her party on sunday (which will be posted next week). i had them designed and made especially. :) x

  2. Frommrstomama says

    wow. amazing!

  3. Charissa Jimenez says

    You are a ONE-der WOMAN!!! Okay, not the same as ONE-derland…but I thought it was cute! :)I am totally coming with my little bundle! I am so excited about my first children's birthday party ever and the chance to experience it with my son! ;)The invites are so cute! Great job.

  4. Akira's Mommy says

    I love the invitations so much! I am using this theme for my daughters first birthday, I hunted all over and finally found the perfect invite idea here! Thank you soooo much!

  5. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I'm so glad they inspired you! Have 1st birthday to your daughter :)

  6. Akira's Mommy says

    I was wondering if there is any chance you still have a template for this? and could maybe send it to me?

  7. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Just emailed it to you :)

  8. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I don't :( It's on my old work computer. I don't know why I didn't think to email it to myself before I left! Sorry!

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  16. Lennox's Mummy says

    Do you still have this template? I would love to use it for my daughter's upcoming birthday!

  17. Lennox's Mummy says

    Do you still have the template? I'm trying to find it to use it for my daughter's upcoming birthday.

  18. ThatMamaGretchen says

    I don't :( It was saved on my old work computer. Sorry!