ONE-DERLAND … Jemma’s Alice Dress

Jemma had a special request – an Alice costume for her party.
With a few kisses and hugs for her Mimi, Jemma’s wish was granted! She knew an Alice dress was a little above her mama’s sewing skills – maybe by next year I’ll be able to sew something more than a square :)

One of Jemma’s final fittings
Finishing the apron

Mimi pieced together a few different patterns for the final product and wants to be clear about a few things …

  • This little dress looks much simpler than it was to actually make
  • Taking measurements on a squirmy girl is easier said than done, add in trying to guess how much she will grow by her birthday proves interesting as well
  • Jemma will be dressing as Alice for all birthdays, costume parties, and Halloweens as long as her dress fits
  • Jemma’s future cousins will also be having Alice in Wonderland 1st birthday parties so they can wear it too
  • She is not taking orders :) Mimi believes she is more of a craft seamstress, than an apparel seamstress
  • If Jemma ever complains about the tulle skirt or inside seams being itchy she will never ever get a Mimi-made costume again

I don’t know if I’d say Mimi had a fun time making this dress, but I am sure she would agree that the party pictures will be well worth her effort!

Ah! I can hardly wait – only a few weeks until party day!

Has all this Alice talk got your thinking about your own Wonderland party? For perfect decor check out Windrosie on Etsy!
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  1. says

    this is ADORABLE! mimi should get her own special cake at gemma's party. :)

  2. Carol says

    Be sure and tell Mimi that being an apparel seamstress gets easier as they grow a little more! And I know she will love making clothes for grandchildren as much as I do!!

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