2 Weeks of Wonderful

My darling girl is 2 weeks old. It is amazing how fast time has already gone. She doesn’t have the newborn glow any more; she is turning into a little baby girl. Growing like a weed, I tell ya!. . .In the last week we have gotten into more of a schedule. We get up […]

On this fine Monday …

.Jem and I are spending our first day solo!.Daddy’s alarm went off at 5:30 am. While he got ready Jem and I snuggled in for an early morning nursing session. She dozed off (as did I) and we didn’t wake up until 8:30 am. Such a nice long stretch of sleep for mama..We nursed again […]

October is for Birthday Girls

I knew all along that my baby and I would have birthdays close together. Turns out we’ll celebrate just 3 days apart every year … Miss Jemma on the 2nd and me on the 5th! This year we laid low due to the fact that my milk was coming in (lovely). My family came over […]

Harvest Baby 2010 Winners

Now that Jemma has arrived, Jemma and I wanted to announce the winners of her ExpectNet Baby Pool. See here for complete list of winners! Jemma in her going home outfit – October 3, 2010 Overall Winner 1. Andrea Croft 2. Brandi 3. Jan Birth Date & Time 1. Andrea Croft 2. Tasha B. 3. […]