Givings Day

Givings Day – that’s what Jemma calls Thanksgiving. It’s the sweetest and so, I don’t dare correct her. AND, what cute little turkeys ^^^ – Jem asks to make handprint art ALL THE TIME. And well, giant-eyed turkeys were obviously a fitting choice. Anyways, this blog is officially closed for Thanksgiving :) So, go to […]

Vote On My Minted Holiday Cards + a Giveaway

I smite the beginning of Christmas season when it appears everywhere before Thanksgiving. But, let’s be real, some things take time and energy beyond the month of December. Exhibit One … HOLIDAY CARDS. Shall we focus on that gem of a project today? Yes, yes we shall.  Without a doubt, I’m returning to Minted this year […]


Halloween has been highly anticipated around here. And when it finally arrived – it didn’t disappoint. Jemma had her heart set on being a tooth fairy and Max went with a Pacific Northwest default – Seahawks boy complete with his sister’s leggings to mimic football tights :) Jem answered each door with a cheerful “Happy […]

A Question Birthday Cake

Jemma loves to talk. Even more, she loves to ask questions. So, for her birthday this year, I turned the table on her and made her a question birthday cake. What is a question cake you ask? Well, here’s how it goes … First, type up a list of age-appropriate questions and print them on […]

Gifts Dad Will Actually Use

 I could buy my mom gifts all day long. She’s just easy to shop for … maybe because we like many of the same things. But my dad and Dominic, they’re a bit more particular. So, when holidays come around I’m always a little stumped as to what they’ll like AND USE most. Yes, believe […]

Mama’s Day

Saturday night we were driving home from a BBQ and as the kiddos were drifting off to sleep Dominic was explaining the concept of Mother’s Day. He ended with, “It’s really important that we celebrate Mama and show her our love and appreciation. Jemma, what would it be like if we didn’t have Mama?” She […]

On Mother’s Day

When it comes to mothering, I have the greatest role model. With grace and assurance my mama raised three girls. Truly, she is still raising us in many ways; just different than how it all began. My sisters and I each talk with her daily and she is a constant source of encouragement. Constant. She […]

Merry Christmas!

I’m sure I’ll say this every year, but this Christmas season has been magical. Jemma’s excitement has warmed all of our hearts and we can’t wait for this evening when we bake Jesus’ birthday cake and exchange gifts.   I wish I could mail you all a Christmas card, because truly, you’re all friends and […]