A Question Birthday Cake

question cakeJemma loves to talk. Even more, she loves to ask questions. So, for her birthday this year, I turned the table on her and made her a question birthday cake. What is a question cake you ask? Well, here’s how it goes …

First, type up a list of age-appropriate questions and print them on card stock. Size and cut each question to be about 2 inches tall and 5 inches long.

Fold each question in half, hamburger style, and hole punch the open end. Secure with a curly ribbon or twisted wire wrap. Fold foil around each one.

question cake steps

Next, bake and frost a cake. I followed this recipe for sour cream banana bread and just baked it in two spring form pans instead of a loaf pan. 

Use a knife to cut a slit into the top of your cake and gently slid in your foil covered question. Post birthday (and the popularity of this cake) I think I may try using a thick lamination instead of the foil next go around. But for this year, this method worked just fine. question cake 2

Your question cake is now done! Get ready to present your cake to the birthday girl! She’ll squeal in delight when she discovers all the questions are just for her to answer :) Before cutting, we took turns pulling out a question and asking it to Jemma. I jotted down all her sweet and silly answers to type up as a little 4 year old interview. She’s already asked for a question cake for her 5th birthday so I’d consider it a success!

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