On Mother’s Day

When it comes to mothering, I have the greatest role model. With grace and assurance my mama raised three girls. Truly, she is still raising us in many ways; just different than how it all began. My sisters and I each talk with her daily and she is a constant source of encouragement. Constant. She guides me in parenting, breaks down the details of my sister’s dates and acts as #1 cheerleader to our far away sister who is traversing life as a newlywed military wife.

3 girlsWhat does that look like? Well, for one, I can toss in a cuss word when describing my day, you know, for dramatic effect, and order a margarita at dinner and she grins that grin of approval. The grin that says, “I’ve been there, girl, order another margarita if it sounds good.” She prays for me – for strength and wisdom, peace and discernment. She does hard things and having her life blood in me, helps be believe I can do hard things too.

Over the years our relationship has morphed from mother and child, to a deep, unique friendship. Her wisdom bypasses her years and her kind heart exudes through all her actions. She is the mother I hope to become. I am so blessed to live life with her each day.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mama — you best enjoy your gift and our wild day together. Let’s go thrifting and drink margaritas, ok?

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  1. Teamama says

    Ya…. This is my favorite post. And that mango margarita was so good:)