I’m That Mom … and Proud of It

Just like everyone, I adore reading Melissa’s blog, Dear Baby. Recently she posted about Everly choking and I had a mini heart attack. In a moment of panic would I remember how to help Jemma (or another baby) if they were choking? This spurred an email to our family/friends … Feel free to roll your […]

Article Log

This is more for me than anyone. Posting articles I hope to re-read in the future are best organized here. I’m so thankful for organizational tools like blogs. Three cheers for the 21st century. My birth story is almost ready to post. I know, quite a long time coming. But, anyways, as I journaled my […]

New Read: Sorta Crunchy

Megan at Sorta Crunchy is chalk full of thoughtful posts on relevant topics for today’s parents. I love all her resources and will definitely be visiting frequently! This afternoon I found these 2 articles … definitely worth a read: Why We’ll Skip the Flu Shot (again) and What We’ll Do Instead On Vaccinations and Moving […]

Baby training begins at birth

The below post is from PhD in Parenting. It was short and sweet so instead of referencing it I decided to just re-post it in its entirety. Very reassuring message for a mama who is a bit overwhelmed and in awe of this whole journey called motherhood … At what age is it okay to […]

Black & White

I love the contrasting artwork by Wee Gallery and intend to use one of their freebies in a picture book I’m making for Jemma. It’s amazing to me how she focuses on things already and I’m hoping pictures such as these will even further entertain her little eyes. I found each of these articles quite […]

Nursing for Comfort

It is reassuring to know that Nursing for Comfort has many benefits … Jemma is especially happy :) Definitely a worthwhile read for mama’s currently or considering breastfeeding.