DIY Road Trip Activity Sticks

Our family has some mega long road trips under our belt and time and time again the kids’ favorite thing about our time in the car are the road trip activity sticks I made in ten minutes last spring.

They’re so simple to make … yet, the peace and perks they bring about while on the road are fantastic. Ready for an easy peasy DIY?

First things first, you’re going to drop a whopping $5 on these large craft sticks. Then, you’re going to brainstorm fun car activities and write each activity on a stick.

Once you’re on the road, you can determine how often you draw a stick. Some days we draw every 30 minutes and sometimes it’s just once in the morning and once in the afternoon. We rotate who draws and mom has the ultimate “pass” card in case a particular stick isn’t appropriate for where we are in the trip (AKA, I’m not handing out candy at 8am in the morning!). Basically, you set the rules. It’s the mystery of “What will we do next?” that makes road trip activity sticks so much fun.

I’ll save you a big brainstorm and share a number of our favorite sticks … happy road tripping!

  • ABC Game | Pick a theme – Travel, Disney, food, colors, nature, etc.
  • Wiz Kid
  • Movie Choice – Closest birthday picks
  • Healthy Snack
  • Disney Guessing Game | Like 20 questions
  • Candy | I pack leftovers from Halloween, Easter, etc.
  • Road Bingo
  • Movie – Mom’s Choice
  • Video Games | We have one old DS that the boys share :)
  • Would You Rather? | Love this free Disney themed one and I just saw that they have a Harry Potter one too!
  • Spotify Playlist | You can make multiples of this for various playlists you have and love … we usually rotate between Disney music, worship, and a compilation called “The Best”
  • Bible Verse Practice
  • State Capital Quiz
  • Times Tables | Mom calls out a number and everyone takes a turn
  • Call a Family Member | Nothing like a check in from the road!
  • Any Snack of Your Choice
  • Audiobook
  • SSR | Silent, sustained reading
  • Yoto Music or Story | Yoto players are a MUST for road trips
  • Surprise Bag | I staple little gifts in a brown paper bag, usually something they can share, because road trips definitely deserve a little present here and there … fun snack, new movie, new DS game, new Yoto card, etc.
  • Mad Libs
  • ______________ Choice | This is probably their favorite! Every child has a stick with their name and when it’s drawn, they pick the activity!
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