My Latest Obstacle — Excess Lipase

I’m pausing a bit from blogging this week. I discovered I have excess lipase in my breast milk and it’s raising quite the drama for these reasons:
  • The 200 ounces I pumped and froze over my maternity leave can’t be used
  • To be able to store milk I have to scald it which is quite the process
The only good news is (yes, I’m trying to find some positives):
  • I found out this week instead of next (I return to work on Monday)
  • Jemma is taking a little bit of milk from a sippy cup; as long as it has fresh expressed or scalded milk … yeah! Nursing is still great. Excess lipase only effects pumped milk.
  • After a few experiments I think my milk will hold in the fridge for 18 hours before the excess lipase makes it taste/smell bad
  • I have great support from my local La Leche League leader
That’s that. Keep me in your prayers this week as I figure out a pump/scald/store routine for work next week. Excess lipase seems to be pretty rare and I’m still wishing I wasn’t having to deal with it :(

UPDATE! I was able to donate all my milk effected by excess lipase :) Read more about that here

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  1. says

    How did you find out that you had that? What does it mean? I've never heard of that! What made you know something was up?

  2. says

    It wasn't until after my SECOND child refused bottles that I figured out this was my issue too! I also wonder if this is why my son loves to drink soapy bath water? LOL Tastes familiar maybe?

  3. says

    i had never heard of this before! how frustrating that must be about the 200 ounces of milk. :-/

  4. says

    O my goodness this is the same post on my blog right now.. it really sucks doesnt it? to pour out all the liquid gold.